Paper Counts – The Best For Your Printable Wall Art

Today’s printers are marvels of technology. Their output provides images with a quality that was only a decade ago unthinkable. In fact, that output is more than good enough to grace the wall of your home. If you use the correct (manufacturer-approved) inks those trips to the fine art store can be a thing of the past. 

You’ll have to find the right frame – but aside from that, the Internet can provide everything from abstract to landscape. And best of all much of the art that you can source from the World Wide Web is free, at least if you are only displaying it in your own home. 

However, there is one caveat when you are considering a printing paper for your art, and that is what type of paper you are going to be using. A simple ream of paper bought over the counter at your Big Box store is not going to deliver the visual impact that you want. 

Luckily, there are other options – here are some of them – but be aware that when you are purchasing your printer some makes and models might not be able to handle some of these fine art papers – consult with a salesperson – and ideally have them run some examples using the wall art paper that you have chosen.

1. Alpha-cellulose

The product of the wood pulp industry and used regularly for fine art prints. Great value for money – and suitable for wall prints. It’s durable and can be used in most printers. 

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2. Cotton Rag

You may pay a little more – but you are going to get a printing surface that is incredibly durable. It also provides the perfect surface for those fine art prints. The texture emulates that used by some of history’s greatest artists. If you are going to be using it for reproductions of Michaelangelo’s greatest works or for landscapes that take up a large amount of wall space this should be a paper that is high on the list of ideal printable papers. 

3. Resin Coated

This sort of paper is a type that can be used in most printers that provide imagery that is true to life. It is ideal for use in portraiture and for those holiday images that we all want to show guests who visit. It’s easily available for use with modern inkjet printers and represents excellent value for money. This paper comes in a variety of finishes such as glossy, satin, pearl, or luster surfaces.

Some Considerations

Paper weight is also important. As a general rule of thumb the higher the weight the more durable the paper is going to be – and the better it is going to look when the print is hanging on the wall. If you want paper that has card-like consistency – but is still flexible then 210-300gsm is a great compromise between lightness and the ability to highlight those fine details that will make any piece of wall art shine.

Also, consider texture. A more textured paper will give an image depth that will mimic canvas. Glossy paper is widely available but may not provide the visual impact that a more textured paper provides. when you are purchasing your paper always consider its use. Something that is perfect for printing out a monthly report may not be what you are looking for when considering a wall-hanging piece of art, or that valued visual memory. 

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Printable wall art is today more and more popular. It is a unique expression of your personal style, but always remember, the image itself is only part of the equation – paper counts.

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