The 5 Best Ways to Find Hourly Workers For Your Business

Finding the right worker is never easy. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic may have actually made this harder. Although there is an increase in unemployment this doesn’t mean that you’ll have more quality clients applying for the post you’re advertising.

There will be plenty of people who are chasing any job they can get, even if they don’t have the experience. You may waste a substantial amount of time reading applications from people that aren’t properly qualified for the vacancy you have advertised.

This is at a time when you may not have the time or resources to dedicate to finding the best hourly workers for your business. Fortunately, there are 5 ways in which you can be assured you have found the best hourly workers possible.

Employee Referral

Employees almost always know someone that would like to work within the business. By offering them a chance to nominate people they will feel more inclined to suggest specific names. You should make it clear there is a reward if the person they suggest is hired. In most cases, this will be a fiscal reward.

Because the employee is already working for you and referring a friend will reflect on their reputation, staff only tend to refer genuine and capable candidates

Social Media Posts

You can hit a huge number of people by posting something on social media. Create a short, snappy, post that catches people’s attention and tells them what you’re offering. You will need to process the wide variety of applications you’re likely to receive. But, it will be worth it if you find the right staff member for virtually nothing.

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Local Advertisements

It’s a good idea to go old school when looking for hourly workers. This type of staff invariably live close to your business and will see your advertisement in local newspapers and even the supermarket notice board.

You may be surprised by how many people still read the paper and check out the job postings. It’s a good idea to choose a range of publications that cover all the various groups in your community.


You should always consider an employment agency. Whether you’re looking for a temporary laborer or civil construction labor-hire, the agency will have highly-qualified candidates with references and verified reputations.

The best part of using an agency is that they do almost all the work for you. Yes, they’ll charge you a small fee for the privilege but you’ll save a huge amount of time sifting through applications to ensure you have the best possible candidate for your needs.

Talk to local Schools/ Colleges

Finally, it’s a good idea to talk to your local schools and colleges They may have people interested in pursuing a career in your specific industry. These people are likely to be eager to gain some experience. As such they should be happy to work for your firm and learn the ropes. They may not have the experience but they will be cheap hourly labor, which can help in trying times.

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