The Essential Guide To Care For Your Mouth

In our fast food, high-salt, high-sugar lifestyles, our oral health has never been more important. The way your mouth looks can have a direct effect on your confidence, a great looking, and feeling, mouth will put a spring in your step. We’re going to run through an essential guide to oral hygiene to make you proud of your smile. 

Sores and Ulcers

Canker sores and mouth ulcers can be painful, irritating and disruptive. They can come on quickly as a result of stress, diet, or bacterial infection and they can take up to two weeks to heal on their own. Thankfully, LED treatment is available to relieve your symptoms, and cure your sores. LED oral hygiene products use specialised, highly concentrated wavelengths of light to break down the sores and alleviate the symptoms. The results are immediate and the sores are often completely gone within two days, click here to find out more.


A healthy mouth care routine can be very beneficial as it trains you to look after your mouth habitually. Try to get into a rhythm of brushing, flossing, washing, and regularly seeing a dentist. You should be visiting a professional every six months, as you can take great care of your teeth at home, but there could always be something else present which needs trained eyes to notice. 


Toothbrushes have changed a lot over the past few years. A good electric toothbrush will feature multiple settings to adjust the strength of the clean, a screen showing how much time you have left to brush, and a warning system in case you are brushing too hard. All of these features will ensure that your mouth stays healthy and fresh, as well as helping to discourage you from bad brushing habits. 

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Fluoride is used in dentistry to strengthen your enamel and prevent cavities. Increasing your daily intake can help your teeth stay strong. Fluoride can be found in foods such as spinach, grapes and potatoes, and even in tea! We would recommend a fluoride toothpaste, as it will actively boost your teeth’s natural protection, and leave them whiter and healthier than ever.


Mouthwash is excellent after brushing as it hits all the areas that a brush doesn’t. A good mouthwash can help to fight receding gums, bad breath and plaque build-up. It’s an essential addition to your oral care routine, and you can get a multitude of mouthwashes made with natural ingredients which are great for your teeth and gums. 

Your Tongue

It’s easy to miss the importance of cleaning your tongue, it can build up with plaque and bacteria just like your teeth, and that build-up can be equally damaging to your oral health. Tongue scrapers are a popular option to finish off your oral care routine. On average they remove 30% more harmful bacteria from your tongue than a toothbrush would, and once you get used to using one, it’ll become as natural as brushing your teeth. Taking care of your tongue will also help with your breath, and your gums. 

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