2021 Interior Design Trends for Designing Your Dream Home

Buying land and building a home of your own holds so many benefits – one of which being that you can bring it to life to fit your own personal style and stay as on-trend as you feel the need to be. Especially if you’re relocating somewhere new and adventurous for a positive change, you’ll want your entire home to feel fresh, modern and on-trend. Buying land and building your home from scratch is a great idea to start, and there’s land for sale, Clyde North if you’re looking in the region of sunny Australia to start this journey.

However, following trends isn’t always the best option – if it’s not your style then avoid it at all costs so that you know you’ll be happy in your space – but sometimes a trend will jump out at us and create a lasting impression, so here are some 2021 home trends that you might want to look into before you start building your space from the bottom up.

Mural Walls

Focus walls are out, and mural walls are in – this can be an incredibly eye-catching and vibrant addition to your living space and serve as a reflection of your own personal style too. Choosing art that livens up your space and reflects your unique style can make a space trendy yet still personal at the same time.

Bold Colours

The era of the all-white kitchen is slowly fading, and interior designers are predicting that in 2021 and the years ahead, bold, bright pops of colour are going to start making a reappearance. Bringing colour, fun and some life into your kitchen through jade green cabinetry or a peachy wall paint – whatever tickles your fancy – is going to bring more lasting joy than the standard monochrome fix.


The debate between vintage, rustic and modern chic doesn’t have to end with a clear winner and loser. Designers are praising the art of combining and blending styles to create a balance between old and new, homey and modern, dark and light. This is also a great way to compromise between partners or other members of the household who might have conflicting interests: split the decisions half-half and see how it turns out, you might be pleasantly surprised. 

All Natural

Going for light woods in walls, flooring and even ceilings or going to keep growing as a trend in 2021. Creating a natural, bright and light looking space is not only trendy but will help you feel more tranquil in your home. Adding to this, incorporating natural elements into your home is going to be a big hit – living walls, here we come.


Staying on the topic of nature, protecting it is not only trendy right now, but increasingly important. Designing, building and decorating your home with sustainable materials and in a way that keeps the environment in mind in order to leave the smallest impact possible is a check box on many architect’s and designer’s lists right now, and for good reason. 

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