Things to Avoid when playing Slot Games UK

Slot gambling is safer now than it has ever been, and this is because of strict rules and regulations bought in by the UK government and the UK Gambling Commission. It is now extremely hard to run an unlicensed online slot site in this country. Despite the progress in cleaning up the gambling industry, some rogue traders do still slip through the net.

This is why it is still important to make all the essential checks before you commit to a slot site and give away your data to open an account.

Site Safety 

Rule number one is to always play at a slot site that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Avoid sites that do not carry the UK Gambling Commission logo on their homepage and if you double-check with the Gambling Commission itself, and they do not have the particular slot site on their records, then avoid playing at that individual gambling establishment – try Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot free play.

The reason why it is important to avoid unlicensed venues is that customers do not know whether the games have been tested by third parties for fairness. Furthermore, when a punter wins, they want a guarantee that they will be paid what they are owed by the casino. Unlicensed slot sites do not operate by any rules unlike those that have been given the seal of approval by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that there is a high probability, that customers will not get paid because these types of establishments operate under their own rules and many of which are not even legal. 

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Avoid High Staking 

If you have watched online streamers playing slots with extremely high stakes and winning hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process, then you may be tempted to try high staking for yourself. There is no doubt that staking high can be rewarding but the flip side is that you can lose a huge sum of money in a matter of minutes. A lot of slot streamers are fake and are not using real cash bets, they are sponsored by gambling brands to promote slot games. High staking and bonus buying should be left to high rollers, everyone else should keep within an affordable set budget. 

Slot Volatility 

You may have heard of the terms high RTP and low RTP, these are common ways of describing slots and how they behave whilst they are being spun. Volatility has also been added to the slot phrasebook and highly volatile slots are linked to low RTP scoring games. This means that they could be spun thousands of times and most of the spins can be dead ones and then suddenly the slot can burst into life and deliver wins that cover all your losses and more. The problem here is whether your bankroll is big enough to cover the period where continuous losing spins come your way. Therefore, it is best to avoid highly volatile slots if you are on a limited budget.

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