7 Ways You Can Boost Up Your Kid’s Confidence This Exam Season

For the past few years now, examinations have become synonymous with stress and anxiety. But is it the right approach to follow? Is that how they are supposed to be? Is so much amount of stress and anxiety really good for your kid’s health? Absolutely, No!

The fact that every 3 out of 4 college students say that they are stressed, is extremely worrisome. Well, I agree that a little amount of stress can be beneficial, but things start complicating when it crosses the line. The exam season has piled up a lot of stress among all the students. As parents, we need to ensure that the stress does not get onto their nerves and help them stay calm during these wee hours.

Therefore, Etutorworld has prepared a list of tips for you to get through the exam season of your child, successfully. After all, we all know, more than the little ones it feels like your own dreadful exam days are back!

Hire a tutor

It’s 2019 and in most households, both parents are committed to a job which makes it difficult for them to give their little ones sufficient time to look after their studies. If this cited scenario sounds like you, it’s time to hire professional help or a tutor who can compensate for your absence. Tutors are experts in their designated fields. They not only boost academic performance but also imbibes self-confidence. For example, my child is preparing for the SAT exam. But since we both are working people, we have hired him a SAT test tutor who can get the job done. You can do the same too.

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Maintain your child’s Nutrition

During the exam season, most of the students experience either of the two stated conditions:

  • Stops and reduces consumption of food as a whole, that is, loses appetite.
  • Starts eating a lot and gorges on junk, oily food.

Either of the two will have a major effect on your child’s well-being. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child’s health is at its best. Create a diet chart that best suits your child’s regular appetite and follow it to the T.

Don’t over expect

“I am expecting a 90% from you” is a very big statement. You might not realize or do it intentionally, but this puts your child under major stress. Apart from the exam stress, the burden to fulfill your unrealistic expectations takes a toll on their mental health. Stop interfering and comparing your child with others, it will suffocate your child. Instead, listen patiently and be supportive. Believe me, your child is giving his sheer best.

Don’t keep discussing the future

Future’ is an intricate topic and as a child, the uncertainty gives them jitters. Now, when the exams are knocking on the door, your child is already burdened with a lengthy syllabus and an immense amount of stress. At this point, if you start a discussion about the future, it will not only distract them but will also add an extra layer of stress. Let this talk find a room, sometime else.

Be a support system

You didn’t give birth to your child to just sit for his exams and earn good marks, and it is not the end of the world. Yes, he MUST give his best shot, but if things don’t go as planned, don’t be mad at him. It is a part of the process. Also, during the preparation days, be as supportive as you can. You don’t need to stop your daily activities but just look after him/her, his sleeping and eating schedule.

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Understand your child’s capability

Every child is unique with a given capacity. If you try to push the boundaries, it will only worsen the condition. Never compare them to the topper siblings or classmates. It jeopardizes their self-confidence and adds to the stress. Instead, advise your little one to concentrate on their studies and to avoid social media during study hours.

Don’t narrate your old-school stories

“When I was preparing for my boards, I did ***” – you might be a very good student with a great academic record. But well, let’s be realistic, all these ideas were applicable more than a decade ago.

Today’s era is much more advanced, both in terms of technology and thinking. Don’t compel your children to follow what you followed an era ago; they are aware of the updated dos and don’ts better than you are.

One last thing before I wrap up the article – exams are not the end of the world, and they certainly don’t define your child’s capability. There’s so much more waiting to unfold in your child’s future. Believe in your child and his hard work.

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