What trainers are in fashion this year?

The world of fashion and fashion trends are constantly changing because the public taste is something that frequently adapts to new releases both in clothing and footwear. Seasons are big influences on the tastes of consumers too, but so are new releases by major fashion brands – check out Nike Air Max 95 Ultra SE Black.

However, one item that always seems to be in fashion is trainers. This is because they are comfortable, easy to look after, and are practical to wear because they can be used for exercise or general everyday use. Furthermore, some brands make more of a fashion statement than others. Since trainers cover all bases, they do come with quite a hefty price tag for being so practical. So, what trainers are the must-have shoes of this year? 

Lacoste L001 

This new release by Lacoste who are famous for their tennis shoe designs keeps the tennis element intact, but a trendy new look means that you do not have to be hitting the Wimbledon tennis courts, to look good whilst wearing a pair of these. Like the very first Rene-style tennis shoes Lacoste ever created, they are curvy, quite chunky but also very comfortable, thanks to the soft leather and padded interior. White and green may not be everyone’s idea of a winning colour combination but here it works perfectly. The laces are thick and white and do not fray or break easily. The Lacoste crocodile is embossed on the heel and adds a nice touch to the general appearance of these shoes. 

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Nike ACG Air Nasu 2 

Looking like footwear that soldiers would be accustomed to wearing in the roughest of terrains, the Nike ACG Air Nasu 2 trainers are suitable for the most challenging of outdoor settings. However, they are great for hard concrete urban landscapes as well, thanks to thick rubber outers and Air-cushioned midsoles, that act as shock absorbers along with supplying an extra thick layer of comfort to the base of the foot. The streamlined design that Nike specializes in also helps to create a shoe that is comfortable, tough, protective, and cool to wear. 

Diadora Trident 90 Suede 

Diadora proves that suede is still in fashion and at the heart of the design of the Diadora Trident 90. Although released as part of the Heritage line as an autumn/winter season trainer, these shoes are suitable for all seasons. This trainer is made from premium materials including luxurious nylon and pigskin leather that has been given a stone-washed finish. The sole is rubber, and this adds comfort to the foot whilst walking, playing sports, and other day-to-day activities. 

Adidas Ultraboost 21 

The Adidas Ultraboost 21 has a unisex design and is designed more for runners, but again, anybody can wear these shoes. Dual-density cushioning offers the ultimate in comfort and the shoe has a lightweight feel that can make you feel like you have nothing on your feet at all. The design here is more of elegance than coolness and this makes the Adidas Ultraboost 21 perfect for female runners.

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