5 Tips To Buy HVAC Filters Online And Avoid Costly Mistakes

Buying a residential or commercial HVAC filter online can be an overwhelming process. Several factors about your home or building need to be considered before going to an HVAC filter supplier. To save cost and to buy the best HVAC air filter online follow these tips:

Tips To Avoid Costly Mistakes 

  • Understand The Filter Size

Determine the size of your current HVAC air filter before ordering one online. When buying an air filter online, one of the most common mistakes is getting the wrong size, which might result in additional shipping fees if you have to return it.

While the size of your filter will be printed on it, this is not always accurate. Such measurements are known as nominal measurements, and they are rounded up and may not be completely correct. Take measurements of your existing filter to determine the correct size and purchase the appropriate product. You can do this with a tape measure. You can also look for an air filter chart on the internet. Remember that they are measured in terms of length, width, and depth.


Nominal Size refers to the dimensions used to label the filter, but these are usually rounded values rather than the filter’s real size. A filter’s nominal size, for example, could be 16x20x1. These measurements are rounded from the filters’ real measurements. The exact dimensions of this filter could be 15.5×19.5x.75 depending on the brand and manufacturer. So, to ensure that you have the correct size filter, especially if you’re replacing one with a different brand, double-check the size on the filter. The nominal size is frequently found in the product title when purchasing filters online. The nominal size is what most people look for when looking for a filter. So you may type in an HVAC filter 20x25x1 or 20x25x4 air filter, but you need double-check the dimensions to make sure it fits your residential or commercial air filters.

  • Identify The Proper Merv Rating
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The acronym MERV refers for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and it’s a scale for determining how effective air filters are. A filter’s MERV rating indicates how many particles it can collect. A higher MERV rating, on the other hand, means increased airflow obstruction.

You should avoid using a product with a high MERV rating unless absolutely required. The following are examples of situations where a high MERV rating is critical:

  • If you reside in a region that is heavily polluted,
  • Paints, adhesives, wood preservatives, and air fresheners are all pollutants in your house.
  • If you live with a smoker or a pet,

If a high-efficiency filter is required, visit an HVAC professional to confirm that your equipment can handle the reduced airflow.

  • Select the Filter Type

The next step is to select the type of filter you want to use. You’ve already laid the groundwork by determining the MERV rating. You can select from the following options:

  • Fibreglass filters with the lowest MERV ratings. They are the least priced and will need to be changed frequently. However, they are not the best if you want high-quality indoor air.
  • Pleated filters are suitable for MERV values of moderate to high.
  • Filters with the highest MERV ratings are HEPA filters.
  • Replace Your Filters

To maintain your HVAC system and your home’s air quality, you should replace your residential air filters on a regular basis. When you buy HVAC air filters online, you don’t have to buy cheap air filters to save money. When you buy HVAC filters online, you may acquire a high-quality filter for a fraction of the cost of a filter at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot, and your filters will be delivered to your door. If you do not replace your HVAC air filters from time to time, your HVAC system will get worn out and your air quality will reduce. A damaged HVAC system in the long run will cost more than the regular replacement of your air filters.

  • Purchasing Filters in Bulk
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People also make the mistake of purchasing HVAV air filters only when they are needed. However, buying them in bulk is a far more cost-effective option, especially because they must be replaced on a regular basis.


With these tips, you can purchase the HVAC filter suitable for your home or building and save money while you are at it! Remember, it does not stop at buying in bulk. You must replace your air filters regularly for the sake of your health and budget. The size of your air filter is just as important as its type and MERV rating (which says a lot about its efficiency). If you get confused, ask a professional or contact Custom Filters Direct – an HVAC air filters supplier.

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