The Blueprints for a Memorable Christmas Wish

Today’s architect has a lot on his or her mind. You’re juggling multiple projects, striving to keep your clients satisfied, and working hard to meet your many deadlines. Chances are you’ve got little to no time for much else right now and once the holidays arrive, your free time is probably spent shopping, entertaining, and working even harder to wrap up open accounts before the end of the year.

Which means you probably haven’t given a minute’s thought to your Christmas cards for the season. Let’s be honest, it’s likely pretty low on the list of priorities right now. You look at the calendar and think you’ve got plenty of time to get to it, you’ll put it off to later when things aren’t as hectic as they are currently.

Sounds like a good game plan until you look again and somehow it’s already early December and Christmas is something like two weeks away. Where did the time go and why didn’t you order your Christmas cards earlier?!

Now what are you going to do? Start searching through hundreds, even thousands of bland holiday themed designs that begin to blend together the further along you get in the endless pages of choices? That not only sounds counter-productive but it’s a chore as well. This should be a fun and enjoyable time of the year with only festive thoughts in your heart.

There has to be a solution. You need a card that stands out from the generic mire of bland tidings that is suitable to send to everyone on your list, be it your parents, your Aunt Judy, your colleagues at other firms, and all of your clients with whom you are working now and have done work for in the past.

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That solution is simple: architect Christmas cards.

When you send your recipients one of these cards, you’re putting forth a fresh and innovative twist on the typical holiday greeting that will be remembered long after the presents have been opened, the wrapping paper thrown out, and the tree taken down.

Best of all, these cards eliminate the hassle of searching high and low for the perfect design that encompasses the message you wish to portray this holiday season.

What Makes Architect Christmas Cards So Beneficial?

There are some distinct advantages that come with relying on architect Christmas cards for when it comes time to creating the annual company card. You want to find a way to let your recipients know you’re thinking of them throughout the holiday season while also thanking them for their loyal patronage this year and in years past.

They’re also a joyful reminder that you would appreciate they contact you for future work as well and so you are also using your Christmas card as a subtle form of marketing your services to those who have worked with you before alongside those who have not yet had the opportunity.

But you’re certainly not going to be very effective in drumming up business with a card design that anyone can send. Your card needs to be distinctive and with architect Christmas cards your card will easily stand out.

That’s because these cards eschew the standard, boring holiday-related art for clever, industry-specific imagery that celebrates the Christmas season while putting the architecture field in the forefront of your design. The combination of architectural tools of the trade and the beloved recognizable symbols of the Christmas holiday make for a unique and inventive card that your recipients won’t be getting from anyone else but you.

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These are cards that have been created expressly for members of the architect community who want to send something that is unlike the other cards that will be exchanged during the holidays. Best of all, you are in charge of every design choice that is made throughout the creative process that produces the cards you will be sending out.

You’re an architect, you understand the importance of a specific vision for any project. Why should the production of your Christmas cards be any different?

Designing Your Card

You want your card to be something special so it’s up to you to craft the one you have in mind. But you have some choices to make first. The process starts with looking through all of the choices that are available from your chosen specialty Christmas card provider. Yes, you will be faced with a wide range of options that offer funny cards, poignant cards, witty cards, silly cards, traditional and classic cards, you name it, they’ve got it.

No, you won’t be inundated with so many design options as to render them all forgettable and uninteresting. These cards all bring a joyous and whimsical tone to your Christmas card choices and it’s very likely you’ll find more than a couple that will strike your fancy.

For those who don’t happen to find an appealing design among the prefabricated options in the card catalog, you have the choice of creating your very own exclusive design from scratch. It can be just about anything you wish, a photograph, an illustration, a copy of the blueprints from a project of which you are particularly proud. This is entirely up to you.

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But the imagery is just the start. You can also customize the interior of the card to offer a fully personalized greeting that you write. You will even decide on the font that is used, the color of that font, and the sizing.

How about your company name and logo? Would you like either or both of those things on your card or inside of it somewhere? No problem, this too can be arranged whether you’ve created your own image for the exterior of your card or you’ve selected one of the many extraordinary design choices from the catalog.

With architect Christmas cards, you are the architect of your holiday wishes for the most wonderful time of the year.

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