How Does Your Booth Get identified in a Trade Show?

If you’re looking for a breakthrough idea for your small business, try attending a trade expo. It’ll be a chance to attract potential clients and business partners and orders.

However, you can’t achieve that if the exhibit booth design is not as per required. So, take time evaluating the work of the vendor you wish to hire.

The best exhibit booth design should attract clients without putting much effort. So, don’t wait for people to stumble upon your booth, but instead, pull them to you by displaying an excellently designed booth.

How Will You Attract The Clients With The Booth?

An ideal booth should have a unique feature that enhances visibility. Here are the things that will boost the booth visibility that you should consider.


Often, people erect a booth and place tables in front of it, limiting people from walking through the booth. When you place your products on one table, they look cluttered. Instead, consider displaying your products throughout the booth so that clients can view one product at a time. Encourage conversation too and offer a private space where you can discuss a good deal with a serious buyer or investor.


The trade show displays at exhibitions should display the products in a way customers can see them. Ask your booth vendor to avoid putting products in a straight line. Instead, use slides or pop up pictures. Ensure the lighting of the booth is excellent and be simultaneous. For instance, you can use a purple light if your products are wrapped with purple packaging. If you’re seeking to outfit your booth with promotional material like brochures and roller banners, a company like IPW1, the Leading printing company in London, could be your go-to vendor for your trade show needs.

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Choosing signage should be dependent on your budget. If you have limited cash, consider printed signage, which can be hung around the piping. Alternately, select a perfectly designed digital signage with a monitor or neon/LED sign. The LED sign can be the company’s logo or product.


Imagine having a logo that even your coworkers will look for if they move from the booth. Embarrassing! Choose a booth developer that will modify your company’s logo to attract hundreds from far. A valuable exhibit booth design should leave leads with the memory of your logo and thus look for your products or services.

Location of the booth

When you attend a trade show, you’ll realize some companies locate their booths in the best parts of the hall. Indeed, these parts are expensive because they are competitive. Nonetheless, if you can afford such a location, you’re assured of attracting more customers to your booth.

So, choose a location that has high traffic, for example near the door; so that when people come in, the first thing they will see is your booth.
However, if the exhibit booth design isn’t attractive, these people will pass by you, even if you’re at the door.

Take Away

Attracting leads in a trade show is easy if you use the right tools. A booth is the first thing that should attract your clients and when it does, engage them to participate in your show. Ensure you have gifts for participants.

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