The Art of Changing a Wiggly Baby’s Diaper

Your baby is no longer a fragile newborn but has now transformed into a curious wee one that likes to wiggle and move around. Diaper changes are no exception, so it has been a battle of the wits on the change table to see who will succeed between mom and child. It may be frustrating to change your baby’s diaper if he or she is not cooperative, especially if it is a poopie one. Still, you have to extend your patience and remember to relish the moment because this stage doesn’t last forever. To help you change your overactive baby’s diaper, here are some helpful tips.

Make Sure Your Arsenal is Within Reach

The first step to doing this job is to ensure that your diaper changing arsenal is within easy access because you can’t leave the baby alone on the change table. Make sure that the wipes, extra diapers, rash creams, and your diaper genie for disposal are conveniently next to you. Organise these items and replenish when necessary because a well-stocked supply means faster diaper changes and a less fussy baby.

Pick Several Toys to Keep Nearby

To keep your baby’s attention, ensure you have toys that are strictly for your change table only. That way, it will seem fresh and new in your baby’s eyes. If you give a baby an old toy that he or she is familiar with, the boredom factor will set in a lot faster than you think. You can choose a noisy rattle, a cloth book with different textures, a lighting up toy, and the like.

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Distract with Music and Mobile Units

Babies are visual and auditory creatures. They love beautiful things and equally lovely sounds. You can keep a mobile that spins around the changing area to keep your baby’s attention until the nappy change is over. Some have incorporated music, which draws in the focus of the child. Pick his or her favourite nursery rhymes and sing with them. Doing this act means keeping the baby engaged to keep your little escape artist from wiggling away.

Give Out Loads of Kisses and Tickles

Baby’s love to be tickled. If you want to make your diaper change routine go by a lot faster, think of it as a game. You can stroke and blow kisses on your baby’s tummy, so you can continue changing him or her while the baby is occupied with your special touches. This method will make nappy changing time a lot more fun for you and your child. It is akin to an extra bonding session with your baby.

Ensure That the Baby is Full before Changing

Make sure that your baby is full and has burped before any diaper change. Hungry babies are crankier, so they make a lot of fuss. Of course, with a poopie diaper, you will just have to change as fast as you can before there are any nasty nappy leaks and diaper explosions.

Bottom Line

It would be ideal to have a reliable assistant to keep your baby entertained while you do the quick-diaper change. But if no one can act as an assistant, there are many distracting tools out there to keep your baby occupied while on the changing table.

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