Usual Foods Used in Unusual Ways

Have you ever thought how mundane coffee is.. How someone needs to give beer a revival… How pepper is such a run of the mill spice…

Well, you’re not alone in your thinking. Turns out there are some truly entrepreneurial people out there mixing up the food and drink industry as we know it, and presenting innovative new foods made from regular ingredients, back to the people. And wow, have they done well!

Of course innovating food stuffs has been around for millenia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be caught off guard with exciting food products made from everyday ingredients.

Atomic Fireballs Candy

Who would’ve thought that putting spicy peppers in sweet candy would work? Maybe it was to flip the bird at the Russians during the Cold War, or maybe someone genuinely did think that Atomic Fireballs candy was going to be a winner’s combination. Who knows.

Whatever the background story is, the point is, this blow your head off candy was incredibly popular when it was first released in 1954, and remains a perennial favorite today.

Lentil Chips

You have lentils, those small round flat discs that are as store cupboard as they come. Then you have chips, the go to snack of choice for millions around the world. Lentils have their realm, the humble potato chips have theirs. So why combine these two food stuffs? Well, lentil chips are simply higher in protein and lower in fat than their potato chip counterparts. Plus they’re extraordinarily tasty.

Flavored Vodka

Gone are the days of burn your throat and make your eyes water, flavor vodka. As the craft beer, craft cider and craft gin worlds are all having their moment in the spotlight, let’s not forget about the simple vodka that too has been given a face lift.

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With the inclusion of some everyday ingredients, vodka has been given a new lease of life – marshmallow vodka? Citrus Vodka? Toffee Vodka? The world is quite literally your oyster (although oyster vodka really doesn’t sound appealing…)

Porridge Bread

Once you’ve had your porridge for breakfast, and let’s be fair, who has ever made the right quantity of porridge – not too much, not too little? What do you do with the leftover porridge? Because no one ever eats cold porridge… why not do as the Irish do and turn it into bread? The cold lumpy porridge will instantly transform a basic bread dough into a chewy loaf with a fantastic crust.

Coffee Flour

After you’ve grown the coffee beans and processed them to make coffee to drink, the coffee pulp is surplus to requirement, a waste by product that up until recently has had no discernible use.

But now a process to turn the coffee pulp into flour means this once waste product can now be given a new purpose. And the flour has a rich flavor albeit slightly caffeinated, and best of all, it’s gluten-free. Why not enjoy a cup of hot lava java with a slice of coffee cake made from coffee flour? Yum!

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