How Do You Choose a Mug For The Office

Coffee runs in between work are innumerous. Irrespective how ill-made the office coffee can be, incessant supplies of coffee while work is a necessity. Sipping on the warm bitter liquid while your filing papers, and cramming up on work speedily on your computer, soothes the nought nerves and tensed muscles. A personal coffee mug is not only hygienic in an office space with several people making the same coffee runs but more convenient for your own use.

Besides, a coffee mug can say a lot about you. Many people like to spruce up their desks with small indoor potted plants, similarly, a stylistic coffee mug can speak volumes about your style and taste. It can add glamour and tweak your style quotient, motivating you to work harder every day. They even make for great gifts to colleagues, bosses and coffee-addicts.

The number of office and home use mugs is almost as many as the number of people on Earth. There are several brands that offer several types of mugs, including quirky mugs with funny messages, classy, classic, colorful, and funky. So, how do you choose a mug for the office?

Consider the Size and Shape

As with all mugs, consider the right size and shape. Some office mugs can be too large for small or little hands, so look for a mug that will fit the bill.

Consider Design and Style

When considering the design and style of a mug, you want to consider the purposes for which it will be used. For instance, does your business need an ornate style mug, or something more practical, such as a tall bottle shape?

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Choose Material Matched The Style Of Your Business

Choose a material that matches the style of your business. For instance, if you’re using a big plastic mug to carry soda or tea, choose a stainless steel mug instead of a glass one.

Choose a Mug in the Cup Shape

You can also choose a mug in the cup shape, which are perfect for carrying cold drinks in. Sometimes a wide mouth cup mug can get a bit hot, especially if you’re drinking out of it. A narrow neck style mug keeps things cool.

Features You Need

Finally, you want to consider what type of features you need, whether you’re using the mug frequently or only for special occasions. Some popular options include:

Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs are another way to express your personality. If you don’t have the time or desire to design a mug, it’s easy to get an engraved one at a variety of local gift shops.

Consider Getting a Tote

If you’re going to be giving a mug to a group of friends and relatives, consider getting a tote to hold drinks. It will hold the entire contents of your cup, leaving room for personal touches, such as writing names, addresses, or initials on the handle.

Consider Pairing Your Mug with A Coffee Mug

Consider pairing your mug with a coffee mug to hold the daily coffee brew. Some coffee mugs are lined with paper so that they will hold a steady stream of hot liquid, and most of them are built to last for a lifetime.

Consider Online Shopping

If you’re not sure where to purchase a mug for the office, consider online shopping and searching on the website that offers different mugs. This is convenient and often offers the best prices.

Contact your local office supply store for the proper steps regarding purchasing mugs, including any company’s guidelines and specifications. If you do business with a company, be sure to follow their guidelines.

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