Incorporating Earth Tones in Your Home’s Interior Design

Earth tones are back in 2019, with the comforting hues of terracotta, beige, and olive green taking the place of stark whites and deep blacks. The post-modern interior design trend of contemporary mixed with boho-chic is taking the home décor landscape by storm.

Still, it’s not easy to rearrange your home’s entire color scheme. Here’s how to gradually splash some earth tones into your home’s décor.

Deep Greens

Green is one of the best colors for the bedroom. You can implement it by bringing in some olive green or forest green pillow shams, throws, or even duvet covers. Because green contains both warm and cool tones, it’s extremely versatile. It automatically relaxes us (perhaps because we associate it with nature), which means it gives off just the right aura for sleep.

Stray away from bright greens – these are not earth tones and can actually be overwhelming. Sprinkle some emerald green accents throughout your bedroom for the ultimate effect, and maybe even add a potted plant or two.

Warm Browns

Wood is the best way to incorporate browns into your interior design. Still, this doesn’t mean all woods fit in with the “earth tones”. Earth tones are supposed to be warm, but some woods do have cool undertones.

For woods with warm undertones, shoot for cherry, mahogany or hickory. Ash, maple, and pine have cooler undertones and don’t fit in with this design aesthetic. Meanwhile, walnut is a neutrally-toned wood that is affordable and unobtrusive for those not ready to commit to earth tones in their home.

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Warm wood tones and browns are best emphasized in the structural décor of your home. This means armoires, bookshelves, accent tables, etc. Warm browns and wood tones can also be incorporated into an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to draw attention and make a room more expressive. If the rest of the walls in your home are white, a warm wood accent wall will tone down their coolness.

Honey Yellows

Although viewed as an understated earth tone, honey yellow is quite an eye-catching color. This means that less is more when it comes to this shade. Honey yellows are best sprinkled throughout your home décor lightly. An armchair here, a throw pillow there, never more than that.

Honey yellow armchairs or dining chairs are a lovely accessory, and will make darker surfaces around them pop. Keep honey yellow away from areas of bright light, such as windowsills and lamps. That means that honey yellow lampshades and curtains are a major no-no. It will overwhelm the natural light in your home.

Terracotta Oranges

Unlike honey yellow, terracotta is a soft color that can be used abundantly. It is not so orange it overwhelms, but not so dull it blends with browns. Terracotta is a stunning color for the kitchen and dining area, which are the rooms that usually lack color the most.

Terracotta adds a splash of color, while also warming up the appetite. All members of the orange color palette are believed to increase appetite and stir up hunger levels. Maybe not ideal if you’re on a diet, but great for dinner parties.

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Drapes and curtains are also lovely in terracotta. Despite its warm and bright undertones, it softens natural light.

Beautiful Blues

The concept of earth tones is to represent the natural colors of the earth itself. Blues represent the color of water, and they’re just the right finishing touch to an otherwise yellow and brown-heavy color palette.

When working with earth tones, make sure the blue you choose is not too vivid. Try to adhere to the following blue shades:

  • Clear, icy blue
  • Gray-blue
  • Navy blue

Over-the-top royal blues will simply clash with the remaining earth tones in your home. While you can be generous with browns and oranges, make sure to be gentle with the blues. Blue accents, such as vases or throw pillows, are nice. Blue shelves, loveseats, and throw pillows also work, but be mindful.
Earth tones are a great way to bring your home back to life. By bringing the colors of the outdoors in, you can achieve a look that is both chic and inviting.

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