DIY Valentine Gifts To Send More Love To Your Soul Mate

Valentine’s Day: the sound of this rings the bells of love and violins of romance in the hearts. Whether you are 16, 60 or somewhere in the middle, you simply cannot escape the infectious charm of Valentine’s Day. This is the day you celebrate with all the love in your heart for your soul mate. Someone who is a keeper of all secrets and promises, someone without whom you couldn’t imagine your life at all. Although, love needs no words it surely needs to be expressed one way or the other, for it blooms with loving gestures and dies without expressions.

Getting a gift for your loved one is not just marking an occasion but it conveying your feelings for him/her with a token of love. This gift becomes more precious if it something crafted by your own hands. Something that you have put your heart and soul into rather than just picking it off the shelf. It tells them that you actually put efforts and thinking into getting them something that they will love, something that is made specially, just for them. It is a beautiful feeling knowing that someone is ready to put the time to make something for them and they deserve it. Here are some creative and easy DIY ideas for your Valentine to make their heart sing out of joy.

  1. For Your Best Friend: Love Donuts

Sharpen up those culinary skills and whip a loving valentine treat for your best friend. Bake some doughnuts and pack each one of them in a transparent bag. If they are small you could stuff more than one in a bag. Garnish them with white and pink edible sprinklers and tie the bag with a silk thread. Take a post-it note, preferably red or pink in colour and write a loving message for them on it and place the post-it on the silk thread where you have tied the knot. Your best friend will be thrilled with this loving gesture and will savour the dessert more than ever.

  1. For Your Husband: A to Z Love Book

There couldn’t be enough reason for why you love him but a few of them could really put a bright spot on his day. Pick a size for the cue cards as per your ease and cut 26 of them with equal dimensions. Take out your coloured pens and crayons and decorate them with love and flair that you hold for him. On each one of them, write a small note on what you love most about him or what makes you fall in love with him every day. Punch the cue cards and bind them together with a ring binder that will make it easy to hold with one hand. Gift it to him and ask him to open each one every day, alphabetically and give him A to Z reason to feel alive with your love.

  1. For Your Wife: Marble Tray

This is the easy one both for work and on eyes. Take a marble slab of appropriate size and clean it thoroughly. Using a ruler and pencil mark the points where you wish to place the handles then glue drawer handles on the marked point. You could get handles easily from any hardware store. Do not forget to put felt pads on the corner at the back of the tray. If you are feeling extra snazzy, you could write a loving short message in glitter to see her eyes gleam with excitement.

  1. For Your Girlfriend: Open When Letters

If you are thinking of something that will make her instantly happy at any given day of the year, then this gift is the perfect one for the purpose. Write a few heartfelt letters to her, pouring your heartiest sentiments and address each one of them to a particular situation you think she goes through. One for when she misses you, one to open when she is upset, one for when she needs a best friend, one to read when she had a bad day. You could come up with situations of your own and make it all worthwhile for her.

  1. For Your Boyfriend: Love Gift Box

This is the most heart touching valentine gift for him that he will definitely appreciate. Take a box, metal or cardboard and decorate it with the love bits, hearts and anything to show that whatever is inside, has been gifted to make him feel that you are there for him with all your heart and soul. Inside keep little knick-knacks that are his favourite, for example, his favourite chocolate, book, candy or something that he could use repetitively, notepads, pens, or anything that you know will delight him immensely and gift it to him to see him go nostalgic over a box full of love for him.

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Show your loved ones that you can walk a thousand smile to just see them smile and what is better than a DIY gift to relay the sentiments.

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