Small Patio Ideas to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Just because you don’t have a large outdoor space doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy spending time on your patio. There are plenty of space saving ideas that you can use in your patio to make the most of your outdoor space. There’s a charm to these little and sometimes awkward looking patios that even party size backyards cannot replicate. This post explains some of the best ideas to decorate your small patio and make it a perfect place to relax and dine with your guests and family.

Use bright colors

Create the appeal of a large space by using bright colors on your small patio. A mix of bright greens, whites and blues are enough to provide a stunning complement to the walls of your patio. Backless ottomans will be perfect to provide the extra seating space without interfering with the sight lines.

Space Saving Furniture

To make the most of your little space, place the furniture along the periphery of your patio. The furniture arrangement in this image is placed in a way to afford enough space to move the small table and chairs into the opposite corners whenever the family members or guests choose to dine outdoors.

Narrow tables for a narrow space

A narrow table with chairs is ideal to be used in the narrow space without reducing the valuable seating space. A table with matching chairs can accommodate eight persons with two more chairs pulled to the ends. Using a narrow table with matching chairs is a perfect idea to dine with family or guests in your patio and save space.

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Use the chairs only

If you don’t want to use your patio for dining, it is better to forego the table for a couple of comfy chairs. A little side table makes a convenient spot to keep a cup of tea/coffee, a glass, or book. Removing the large table opens up space, and make your patio look spacious.

Folding furniture

Folding tables and chairs are the best to use on a small patio. It is better to invest in some space saving furniture such as folding tables, chairs, nesting tables and two in one furniture pieces. Look out for some of the best outdoor furniture brands and get some folding tables and chairs for your patio.

Make it cozy and colorful

Colorful cushions and covers make your outdoor space more comfortable to relax after a full day of work. Colors add aesthetic appeal to your patio, however, they should be in contrast with the floor and walls. Using multicolour table covers and cushion covers for chairs.

Hanging plants

Lush green hanging plants can clean the air of your outdoor space. Plant some beautiful hanging plants in baskets or use the plant containers on the walls with fixtures. Paint the hanging baskets and containers with bright colors to add some more color appeal to your patio.

Add nightscape lighting

Use some soft lighting lamps on the floor as well as off the house to create a pleasant appeal of your outdoor space. Invest in some beautiful lanterns and hurricanes to keep the flames from blown out by the breeze.

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Use same tiles for flooring

Extending the same tiles from your rooms and out to the patio creates a feeling of expansiveness. Using the same material from the floor inside the rooms to the outside patio creates a simpler transition between the two areas.

Go vertical in a sunken space

Outdoor space is a luxury in the urban settings, even the one below the street level. You only need to make the most of it. A high table top and a tall planting bed are enough to complement the scale of tiny space. Leaves and plants will add softness and create a garden-like feel.

Push a table up against the wall

On a small patio, you might not be able to place a large table, surrounded by chairs, and still have space to pass through. However, if you consider pushing it up against the wall, when not in use, you will have the best of both worlds.

Make the most of the walls

You may not be able to use most of the space on your patio to place the decorative items. However, using the walls to mount the elements like sculptures, fountains, window boxes and lights is a great idea to make the most of your patio wall.

Final Words

Making the most of your outdoor space is not as difficult as most people think. It’s all about being creative about using and placing things in a well-defined manner. Some people, for example, decide to add patio covers from providers at or similar to protect their lovely patio and those creative design choices from the harsh UV rays of the sun. A little bit of scaling, and using your creativity to create the look of larger space is enough to decorate your small patio and make the most of your outer space.

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