The Top 5 Things You Can Do to Your Pond

A yard with a pond is always a sight to behold. Usually, outdoor spaces with a pond instantly become everyone’s favorite place to hang-out. It has all the elements that spell relaxation; water, fish, grass, and foliage. But before you can enjoy its beauty, you need to go through a lot of hard work, and so is maintaining it.

A pond, when not maintained properly, can turn brown and murky. Leaves or any debris that goes into the pond can release a foul smell and cause algae growth. When these happen, your pond will become more of a nuisance than a thing of beauty that everyone appreciates.

Here are five things you can do to your pond to create a well-balanced water system for your fish and plants to grow side by side.

Pond Aerator

pond aerator can increase oxygen levels in your pond for your fish to thrive well. It allows fish to survive in any part of the water while in normal water, it can only thrive in a specific area. It also helps with the growth of other organisms in the pond that can serve as fish food. It can also add to the aesthetic value of a pond as some aerators nowadays look like a water fountain in the middle of a pond. A pond aerator lessens the growth of algae, commonly called pond scum, which causes the unusual smell you get from your pond.

Pond Lighting

Installing pond lighting into your pond can add more viewing time for your garden. You can enjoy your outdoor space with a pond even until nighttime. It can also help with safety as no one will fall into your pond when there is enough lighting around it. Lighting your pond can also add beauty to your pond during nighttime.

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Aquatic Plants

Placing aquatic plants in your pond creates a stunning water garden. The right aquatic plants, not the algae bloom, encourage better growth for your fish in the pond. It also provides respite for your fish from the scorching heat of the sun.
Some aquatic plants may also serve as food for some animals or insects living on your pond.

Pond vacuum

Getting a special pond vacuum enables you to clean your pond as often as it needs. Your pond should be vacuumed as soon as you spot the growth of algae. Pond vacuums can remove all dirt, silt, and dead vegetation that settles in your pond’s bottom.

Use a pond dye

The application of a pond dye is mainly for aesthetics, but what pond owners do not know is that it offers a lot more benefits than making it look good. The blue pond dye gives a blue color to your pond, which makes it look more refreshing and pleasant to the eyes. Your brown and dark color is replaced with a fresh blue color that protects your fish from the sun. It is also non-toxic so that it won’t hurt your fish or plants in your pond.

Having a pond in your outdoor living space adds more to its beauty and charm. To maintain its elegance, give it time and attention, and it will surely give back what you need.

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