Small Bedroom Design Ideas

5 Surprising Tips on How To Decorate Small Bedrooms

It can get quite tricky decorating a small bedroom. Bot worry not, there are ways on how you can make it look spacious and more beautiful than it already is! If you’re wondering how then check out these five fabulous and affordable bedroom decor ideas on decorating a small bedroom.

How To Decorate Small Bedrooms

Here are five of the best tips you can follow to decorate your small bedroom and make it look amazing:

1. Make One Focal Point

Small Bedroom Decoration
This tip isn’t just for your bedroom. All rooms need one focal point, something eye-catching that establishes an organization so you won’t only be seeing a huge mess. Usually, a focal point would be your bed’s head, where you can exaggerate and amplify by using bold pillows. Or, try to also focus on the window. Try placing your bed in front of your windows to make both focal points meld perfectly. Or, decorate one focal point and the other neutrally so one can take full attention and add a wow factor when you enter.

2. Keep It Open

Small Bedroom Decoration
Sure, you might want to get the huge bed or any bedroom furniture to make it look luxurious. But when doing so in small spaces, you’ll feel more cramped than comfortable. I recommend that you get a smaller bed, which won’t fill up the room. Try having a see-through head or footboard. Or opt to choose a bed without any footboard, like a storage or platform bed. Through using furniture that isn’t too big or cramped, it will have your bedroom look even larger when you come in.

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3. Sneak In Some Storage

Small Bedroom Decoration
When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, you’ll need to make sure that you utilize every inch of it! While you can hide clothes boxes under your bed, you can do better than that and hide luggage sets or anything big to avoid cramping your room. You can use a chest for a bed table to store old books or have more drawer space. Also, get organizer systems for your closet and use wall space to hand a bookshelf. The storage possibilities are amazing when you think outside the box!

4. Decorate and Invest In Your Bed

Small Bedroom Decoration
Find all the opportunities that can make your bedroom personalized and unique. I recommend that you also decorate your bed, which is the focal point of your room. Go for quality sheets (check out this bamboo sheets review to learn more about what to invest in), decorating your room with expensive patterns, and even artwork that shows your personality! You don’t need to spend a ton to make the room yours. Using framed snapshots or handmade furniture will do wonders. Decorate the bedroom with what has you feel happy!

5. Allow It To Shine

Small Bedroom Decoration
Last but not the least, lighting. This is an essential element for any property. To make your bedroom look bigger, add some shine and natural light, letting your windows open and letting the sun enter. This will have your room feel airy and light. I suggest that you layer your drapes and add light-blocking curtains, which add style and help you control the lighting in your room (because some of us want it extra dark in the mornings when we sleep in!). You may want to consider having a mirror in your room to reflect the natural light, making it appear bigger.

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Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to spend a ton of money trying to spruce up your room. With the right investments and proper techniques, you’ll have your bedroom look like a solace, somewhere you will feel relaxed in.

I hope that these tips on decorating small bedrooms gave you an idea of what you can start doing to beautify your home! So don’t wait any longer and try any of these tips out.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on bedroom decor, do share your thoughts below. Your comments are much appreciated!

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