How to Design an Outdoor Playground for Your Kids

By encouraging children to play more outdoor games, you will ensure that they get maximum exercise. Children today spend most of their time in front of computers, which can be detrimental to their eyesight and overall health. By designing a playground for your kids in your backyard, you will be able to stir their imagination, which will make them more enthusiastic about spending more time outdoors.

Here are some of the ideas you can include to design an outdoor playground for kids. Click here to know more. 

Fort Range

Children love adventure, and fort ranges help you to recreate adventurous landscapes. You can use slides, rock walls, and scramble nets to increase the difficulty levels. They love to play-act as various characters- pirates and emperors being their favourite. 

Although the entire range can take up some space in your backyard, it is a great investment. The ranges are made from quality treated pine, making it completely environment-friendly and very safe for the children.

Monkey Bars

There is nothing like monkey bars to make children more active. They love to climb along the bars, and it increases their agility and muscle strength. It is astonishing how children can accomplish great feats across these bars with a little bit of training and guidance. 

For the overall look and feel of the playground, you can taint them to a darker finish. They can be used by themselves or used with fort rages to create jungle settings.

Swing Sets

There are various new designs in swing sets that will encourage children more to come out and play. There are different specifications and loading, and they can be used by themselves or as a part of fun forts. It is best to opt for swing sets, which are made from 90X90 RHS steel, to give you some of the sturdiest sets of the lot. 

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The best thing is you can choose swings for infants, right up to the teenagers. Even if you do not have a lot of outdoor space, you can set up a single swing set even then. Click here for more details. 

Cubby Houses

Cubby houses give you the chance to explore a wide range of options when it comes to setting up a playground. Use your imagination to set up a whole new world, complete with a scramble net, fireman’s pole, rock walls, and slides. Build a cave and watch your kids take on the persona of treasure seekers. 

Made with treated pine, the cubby houses are environmental, safe, and very secure against elements of nature, withstanding snow and rain for years to come. It is easy to set up a cubby house because they come with pre-assembled panels, and experts will help you install them in no time. This is perfect as a surprise gift for your kids on Christmas or their birthdays.

Many homes have gardens and backyards which are not used to their full potential. If you have kids at home, setting up an outdoor playground for them will be the best use of space, and they are sure to love and appreciate your efforts.

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