Three Cruises to Antarctica – Which One Would You Prefer

Have you ever dreamed of going to Antarctica, watch the penguins and seals, and experience crazy, icy weather? Two ways to travel to this continent is by water and by air. But the best way to go there is by taking a cruise ship. Here are three different cruises you can experience when you want to visit Antarctica.

How to Decide on Your Perfect Antarctic cruises

There are so many Antarctica cruises that are available in the world today. There are so many factors that you need to consider, such as the cruise size, destinations, and your budget. You should also list the kind of activities that you want to experience.

The first thing that you need when seeking cruises to Antarctica is the type of cruise that you’re looking for. If you want to see the wildlife in the peninsula, you have three options to choose from–the standard cruise, the fly-cruise, and the luxury cruise.

The Standard Cruise

This is by far considered to be one of the most popular options by the tourists of Antarctica. Common destinations of this cruise will start from the port of Ushuaia to the peninsula and then returning back to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

Most operators offer what you call an on-board lecture, and depending on the vessel size; you may have the option to choose what other things you may want To reach the Antarctic peninsula, what you need to do is to cross the rough Drake Passage. This is one experience in itself that more travelers often relish, especially when they are crossing.

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The rough seas also make the journey quite exciting, and you will have a chance to see the whales and seabirds that are popular in this continent. This crossing normally takes around 48 hours, depending on the kind of weather. In fact, many travelers consider this crossing as the rite of passage to reach Antarctica. Despite all of the things you might see, rough waters can be dangerous for cruise ships. Rough waters and bad weather can result in injuries and accidents occasionally. If this occurs on your cruise ship, staff members might want to get in touch with some maritime lawyers as they could be due some workers comp if the route was too dangerous. However, the Drake Passage is normally fine for most cruise ships.

Fly Cruise

The other option that you may decide to take is the fly-cruise. This is one of the options for people who often suffer from seasickness or for those who have less time on their hands. A fly-cruise will start the journey from King George Island then backing to Argentina. Many operators also offer the option to fly one way then cruise the other way.

For those who suffer from seasickness, you will fly to the deepest part of Antarctica and then take an expedition camp. The place is, however, very cold.

Luxury Cruise

There is the third option where you can choose to go for a luxury cruise. Most cruises to Antarctica, especially the luxury ones, cost more than your typical Antarctica cruise. Now start preparing your body for an experience of a lifetime. Get ready to feel the arctic winter and see polar mammals you don’t regularly see on daily life.

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Now start preparing your body for an experience of a lifetime. Get ready to feel the arctic winter and see polar mammals you don’t regularly see every day.

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