Expert Tips For Cleaning Wood Floors

Engineered wood floors bring the natural warmth and charm of traditional hardwood to your home without any of its disadvantages. Created from plywood layers with a veneer of real wood, they not only look beautiful, but they’re also extremely hardwearing. However, like most things in your home, they do benefit from regular care and maintenance. The most important thing you can do to keep your engineered wood floors looking beautiful is to clean them thoroughly and often. Follow our tips and find out how to get your wood floors gleaming.

How often should you clean engineered wood floors?

When deciding on a cleaning schedule for your engineered wood floor, bear in mind that not all flooring requires the same amount of cleaning. Light coloured wood shows wear-and-tear more readily than darker shades, so cleaning it more frequently is advisable. And of course, how dirty your flooring gets will also depend on the amount of traffic it receives.

A good rule of thumb is to sweep or vacuum engineered wood floors at least once a week, and more often in areas that accumulate dust, crumbs or pet hairs. Use a broom with soft bristles or vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment to whisk any dirt and debris out of cracks.

Wet clean them every month or so (again, this will depend on how dirty they are). Clean a small area at a time. Spray on a small amount of a specialist cleaning product to dissolve any dirt and grease then mop with a microfibre mop. Too much moisture can damage wood floors so never use a steam mop. For spot cleaning, remove any stains with a dampened paper towel then dry immediately.

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Top tips for keeping your engineered wood floor clean

Following a few simple tips can significantly reduce the amount of cleaning your wood floor requires.

1) Remove shoes at the door

Much of the dust and dirt that accumulates on your floor tracks in from outdoors. Grit and dust are abrasive and will eventually cause scratches. By simply taking off your shoes when you come in, you stop the problem at the source.

2) Clean up any spills as soon as possible

Spilt food and drink are inevitable, but if you don’t clear them up immediately, they are harder to remove. Blot up excess liquid with a soft towel, then use a damp paper towel to clean the floor before buffing it to restore its shine.

3)Vacuum frequently

As mentioned above, dust and grit are one of the major caused of wear and tear on an engineered wood floor. Sweeping will remove most of the debris, but a broom can’t always reach into the fine wood grain or the cracks between the boards. Using a canister or cylinder vacuum with a soft brush attachment will remove the dust and grit that can cause scratches.

How do you remove scuff marks from engineered wood floors?

If you notice your engineered wood floor is showing signs of wear and tear, furniture and shoes might be causing scuff marks on the wood that detract from its natural beauty. Thankfully, scuff marks are easy to remove. Buff away light scuff marks using a balled-up sock or an old fuzzy tennis ball. Make heavier scuffs disappear by applying baking soda with a damp microfibre cloth. Rub gently, and the scuff mark will disappear as if by magic. Wipe the baking soda away with a moistened paper towel then buff to a shine.

Don’t be put off an engineered wood floor by concerns about cleaning it properly. Engineered wood is very low maintenance and is an excellent choice for any room in the home. Following our cleaning tips will ensure it keeps its good looks for many years to come.

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Author Bio: This article was written by Martin O’Callaghan of Wood Flooring Ireland. Martin has over two decades experience working with engineered wood flooring and has an expert knowledge cleaning wood flooring like herringbone.

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