What to Wear When Dressing Up For Formal Events

While dressing up for formal events is fun for many, there are others who find it a confounding and frustrating exercise. There are so many rules and etiquettes to take care of. And when it comes to formal clothing, there’s no dearth of choices in the market! Whether its ball gowns or evening dresses, the sheer number of options you get for dressing in a single occasion is intimidating. So, what is actually ideal for the various formal events? What is acceptable, risqué, or trendy and what can you get away with? Whether it’s a prom, homecoming, business dinner, or a black-tie gala, there are certain outfits with which you can never go wrong. Here are the main types of clothes you can wear to any type of formal event.

Long Evening Gowns

Evening gowns are the ideal outfit for any type of formal events. In fact, you can never go wrong with long evening gowns that are simple, elegant, and chic. However, the length of your gown does play a role in determining if it’s appropriate for high-profile events or not. While these gowns are right at home in white and black-tie events, other occasions like prom or business dinners may call for a different outfit. If you do wear a long gown to these events, make sure to keep it simple and elegant with the right accessories to complement your dress.

Midi Length Dresses

Most formal events do not have a very strict dress code rules. Nowadays, midi length dresses are considered acceptable at almost any type of event. Depending on the type of event, you can dress up or down your look too. However, it is best to choose darker colors and prints and rich fabrics to get that elegant look. Floral prints and checkered dresses are alright given you opt for rich fabrics like silk, chiffon, or organza.

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Short Cocktail Dresses

When it comes to cocktail parties and semi-formal events, there’s not much you can wear that is inappropriate! You can wear short or long dresses, flirty or cute, simple or embellished, black or colorful as long as it is elegant and appropriate to the event. Unique shapes or cuts, flirty prints, embellishments, etc. are all acceptable in cocktail dresses. However, you should remember that cocktail dresses are mostly supposed to be short. Make sure that your dress is at or above the knee-length.

Trendy Separates and Jumpsuits

The latest fashion in formal wear is not about dresses! In fact, tuxedo suits, jumpsuits and chic separates are currently dominating the semi-formal and formal scene at the moment. An elegant silk top with trousers or knee-length skirt is also an acceptable outfit. Jumpsuits in rich fabrics like chiffon, etc. are also in trend. If you want to go the bold route you can opt for a trendy jumpsuit or suit to keep things interesting.

Once you know what options you have, shopping for a dress becomes easier and quicker. However, you also need the right accessories, hairstyle, makeup, etc. to complete the look. While wearing a good outfit is not all, it is certainly half the battle won!

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