How to Plan a Drone Wedding Shoot in Austin

Outdoor weddings are always a blast to cover. There is so much creative potential when planning shots in an outdoor ceremony compared to indoors. One of the perks of outdoor weddings is the chance to use drones for video production and photography. Using drones will surely give you fantastic footage to spice up your wedding video project. Of course, it goes without saying that getting the right drone is vital. I have received many recommendations for DJI drones, but it’s important to choose one that suits your needs, so do your research. So, here are some tips on how to plan a wedding shoot using your creativity and your handy high-tech drone.

Show the Wedding Story not Promote Your Drone

As one of the many available drone wedding video production austin tx provides, you must compete in telling the best wedding story and not a promo vid for your drone. Each shot must say to the couple’s narrative, their love, and their happiness. So, always keep in mind that you are making a story of two people building their future.

Pick Your Locations Carefully

A good drone shot is not that easy as it looks. You should carefully choose your location well when attempting to take a shot. If your drone runs to any obstacle, then it can become an expensive heartbreaking moment.

So, make sure that everything is safe before you use your drone. Alongside this tip is to make sure the weather is perfect for drone shooting. Inclement weather can cause havoc on your drone. Also, lightning strikes can damage the chips rendering your gadget useless.

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Shoot with Editing in Mind

It is a bit of cliché advice but still a handy one. When shooting with your drone, you must have a clear idea of how your finished video will look. It is impractical to make multiple drone shots as it is time-consuming and a chore. You must have a complete shot list of the types of drone shots you need.

Communicate With Your Subjects

As one of the companies that have the best drone wedding video production in Austin, TX, has to offer, you should talk with your subjects. Your wedding couple might not understand that shooting with a drone is complicated and will take time. Talk to them about your process, what they will expect of the final product, and how will they cooperate with you for the shoot.

Ensure Safety During a Drone Shoot

Safety is paramount when doing drone shoots. Remember that weddings are an emotional moment for the couple and their guests, and you causing a ruckus will ruin the ambiance completely. The couple will remember you as the person who ruined their wedding for the rest of their lives. So, refrain from taking risks or coming to the shoot unprepared. Always be prepared and always put the safety of your subjects in mind. This reminds me of a time when a friend who was shooting a wedding accidentally flew their drone into their large tent, which the couple might have got from somewhere similar to tent rental cincinnati causing a huge disturbance during a toast. Don’t be that person!

A wedding is one of the most memorable moments of any person’s life, and having it covered is an elegant way of preserving such an event. So, now that you are given a chance to document the love of a newlywed couple make sure to do your best and provide them with a story that they will treasure forever.

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