Groom Wedding Attire

How to Choose Groom Wedding Attire in 2019?

There’s no doubt that weddings entail a lot of planning and, consequently, many expenses. Aside from putting your foot down when your bride or your wedding planner go overboard with the wedding preparations, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make includes your choice of groomswear.

It seems like for quite a long time now groom have simply been managing with basic outfits of the same age-old colors and styles when it comes to their wedding attire. Experiments with wedding outfits for men had been minimal for years. It’s only been off late that the fashion industry has started paying more attention to make their outfits vibrant and merrier.

Drawing an inspiration from suiting techniques as well as for the 2019’s wedding tropics runaway, we’ve outlined approaches to creating your ideal groomswear no matter which dress code you and your partner have chosen.

Groomswear: What is the difference?

Groomswear are the clothes that you’ll wear on the big day. Finding the perfect wedding attire is crucial, especially since pictures and videos will become testament to your fashion expertise, or lack thereof. Groomswear is any article of clothing or accessory you might wear on your wedding day, including the cuff links and boutonnière.

Groom Wedding Attire

When it comes to semi-formal or formal weddings, the proper attire is essential. To help you find the perfect groomswear, consider this list of tips on how to pick out the right wedding outfit for you.

Finding the Perfect Groomswear

Tip 1:

Consider the different aspects of the event to determine what type of formal weddings to go for.

Setting, time of day and the event’s levels of formality all play a part when it comes to finding the right wedding attire. You have two main choices when it comes to men’s formal wear: you can either wear a suit or the classic tuxedo. Listed below are some suggestions to aid your decision-making:

  • For a less formal wedding, go for a three-piece suit. The three-piece suit consists of a jacket, trousers and a button-down shirt. If you’re having a quiet and serious ceremony, then go for classic suit colors like navy blue, black, gray or brown.
  • For black-tie affairs or formal wedding tropics, forget the suit and head straight for the classic tuxedo. Tuxedos come in different colors and designs. For formal weddings held at night, we suggest that you go for the classic black tuxedo. Day weddings, on the other hand, require something a little less sombre; ivory, dark gray and white tuxedos are highly recommended.
  • For white-tie affairs and morning weddings, you may be required to wear gloves and a tailcoat. When it comes to ultra-formal occasions like this, the double breasted tuxedo is more suitable than its single breasted counterpart.
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Tip 2:

Find the right size and style for your body.

Your jacket style directly affects your overall appearance. Look for a jacket style that emphasizes or enhances your solid frame.

  • Single Breasted Jackets are highly recommended if you have a rather healthy frame, but avoid jackets with over two buttons. For short grooms, one-button, single breasted tuxedos are highly advised.
  • Double Breasted Jackets add bulk to a man’s frame. So if you want to emphasize your broad shoulders or if you need a suit that makes you appear wider, then the double breasted jacket is for you.

Tip 3:

Decide whether to purchase or rent.

If you’ll be wearing your tuxedo or suit to the office or to other formal events within the next year or so, then we suggest that you purchase the suit or tuxedo. Rent only if you have absolutely no plans of wearing penguin suit or business attire anytime soon.
Groom Wedding Attire
Tip 4:

Pick the right tuxedo or suit color.

Formal events require a level of convention. Although it’s awfully tempting to wear a neon green tuxedo to your wedding just for the heck of it, it’s best to stick to somber and solid colors like black, gray or white.

Choose the right accessories for your wedding attire.

Accessories complete an outfit. Look you’re most dashing and debonair by finding the perfect accessories for your suit or your tuxedo.

  • Boutonnière: The boutonnière refers to a single flower that is attached to the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket. Use the boutonnière to add color to any boring outfit.
  • Button Covers: If you prefer button cuffs over French cuffs for your dress shirt, use button covers to add some sparkle and glitz to your attire. Button covers come in different designs and styles. Simply slip a button cover over your shirt’s button and you’re good to go.
  • Cummerbund: The cummerbund is a great way to add a dash of color to a regular tuxedo. A cummerbund refers to a wide sash that is worn around the waist. Cummerbunds and vests have an either/or relationship, meaning you can’t wear them both at the same time.
  • Cuff Links: Worn only with French cuffs, cuff links fasten button-less cuffs closed. French cuffs are considered more formal than button or barrel cuffs. Like button covers, cuff links also come in different styles and designs.
  • Dress shoes: What’s the use of a great outfit if you have horrendous footwear? Formal wear requires you to put on patent leather shoes. Although loafers may be good for semi-formal events, white tie affairs require shiny black oxfords.
  • Overcoat or Topcoat: The overcoat or the topcoat will come in very handy when it comes to winter weddings. Aside from protecting you from the cold, a great overcoat or topcoat can add a dash of style to your attire.
  • Pocket Square or Pocket Handkerchiefs: Pocket squares or pocket handkerchiefs refer to hankies used to decorate a suit or tuxedo jacket’s pocket. Like the boutonnière, the pocket square is a great way to infuse color to an otherwise drab or boring outfit.
  • Suspenders: When it comes to formal events, you never wear a belt. If your pants are constantly heading south then you can avoid an awkward situation in which everyone sees your underpants by using handy suspenders.
  • Vest: A vest refers to a sleeveless garment that is worn over other clothing. Vests come in different designs, colors, patterns and style. For extremely formal occasions, we suggest you go for solid-colored vests. If you want to add a bit of a pattern without making your outfit appear too informal, go for a fullback vest with a contrasting back.
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So there you have it! Everything you need to know to make your groomswear shopping experience that much easier!

Author Bio: Katy Hill is a former fashion journalist working for a local newspaper. Four years back she joined Wedding Tropics as a content moderator and has worked her way to the Content Manager. She is a fan of casual fashion wear, a big time foodie, and a solo travel enthusiast. She loves travelling to new places exploring different cultures & meeting new people from around the world.

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