How to Pay Your Suppliers Online for Your DIY Projects?


Electing to get things done yourself can be a great way to save some costs and have the satisfaction of knowing you can complete a task all by yourself.

The thing is, when you enlist the help of a contractor they already have their raw material situation all figured out. They either have a backlog of useable materials they can tap from or have established relationships with suppliers that allows them to easily purchase more stock. That doesn’t mean you can’t forge your own relationships with suppliers, maybe even the same ones, but you’ll have to figure out a good way to render payment for the goods they provide you. Going digital and choosing to pay them online is great, as the kind of material you’re able to buy isn’t limited by what’s in your area anymore and you won’t have to write any checks or go to the bank to withdraw money.

How is this best accomplished, though? I’ll let you in on the easiest ways to send money online:


PayPal is a fantastic way to pay your suppliers through the internet. PayPal is a trusted payment platform that has been in the payment business for over 12 years and nearly everyone who gets paid online has a PayPal account at this point. It is a seamless way to conduct a transfer of funds in which funds are received instantly and can be held in escrow should you choose.

Debit Card

Many established retailers now accept debit cards or Visa/MasterCard enabled debit cards at their payment portal. Simply type in your card information and you’ll pay your suppliers instantly. While your card information is typically very secure, make sure you are purchasing from a high-quality retailer so you don’t get stiffed on materials and end up with much worse materials than you were looking for.

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Bank Transfer

If the person you’re buying supplies from isn’t extremely established or doesn’t have a dedicated online storefront, you might have to transfer funds directly to their bank if you want to pay them online. Favored for its trustworthiness and speed, a bank transfer will instantly deliver funds from your bank account to the recipient’s. Look into what, if any, fees will be applied by your bank when transferring money to another bank account.

Ria Money Transfer

A relative newcomer to the online money changing scene, Ria Money Transfer seeks to win over clients from the competition with low fees and quick transaction times. If you want to conduct a money transfer, you’ll be able to do so with minimal to no fees. Ria Money Transfer has very agreeable exchange rates if you need to send money in other currencies than your own, as well.

No matter what job you’re trying to complete, you can rest easy knowing you can purchase the materials from anyone in the world who you’ve deemed trustworthy and then pay them over the internet. This means that there’s nearly no task that isn’t possible since all of the materials and even tutorials on how to complete the task are easily available on the internet. I wish all DIYers the best of the luck in their projects, you can do it!

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