DIY Tips for Getting Your Garden Easter Ready

Easter is just around the corner, and that means many of us are on the hunt for DIY tips to get our gardens Easter-ready. Whether it’s to get the little ones excited or simply to inject a bit of seasonality into your outdoor space, there are plenty of DIY tips to get your garden ready for Easter. From Easter egg hunts to barbecues, Easter presents the ideal opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities. In order to create the right atmosphere, you’ll want to employ the following DIY tips. After all, you’ll want to keep the Easter theme in mind!

Start with the Lawn

The foundation of your garden is the lawn. The condition of your lawn will pave the way for the appearance of the rest of your garden. If you have a natural lawn, make sure it’s mowed, seeded, and watered. If you have an artificial lawn, make sure it’s rinsed and brushed. Ultimately, if your lawn is in a good condition, it makes it a whole lot easier to mold the rest of the garden around it. This also provides you with the perfect setting to base your activities on, refraining from muddy and slippery patches. 

Transform Cushions and Pillows into Garden Furniture

Easter is all about colorful fun, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is via cushions and other plush furniture pieces. As a result, you could use any spare fabric you have lying around to create garden-specific cushions, cushion covers, and other soft outdoor furnishings. From old duvets to blankets, there are many pieces that can be transformed into welcome garden additions. The beauty of garden-only furniture is that it can be stored in the shed and brought out for use, allowing it to maintain a longer lifespan. 

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A Lick of Paint Makes a World of Difference

If one thing is certain, it’s that a simple lick of paint can make a world of difference. After being subject to harsh wintry conditions, your outdoor furniture, fences, gates, and sheds will likely be looking tired. As a result, a splash of color could absolutely transform your outdoor setting. Whether you want to refresh your garden’s existing color or you’re after something new, some leftover paint could be all you need to get your garden easter-ready. Just make sure that you opt for some weatherproof paint; otherwise, it won’t be able to withstand the outdoor effects. 

Check Thrift Stores for Bargains

Thrift stores are always full of hidden treasures, you just need to make a conscious effort to look. They often have home and garden sections, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. What’s more, you’ll likely stumble across some more unique finds at thrift stores, as the products won’t be on the modern market. Not only this, but you’ll be able to support smaller businesses and also steer away from supporting mass supply chains. As a result, perusing thrift stores is a winning scenario for everyone involved.

Don’t Forget About Social Media 

From Facebook Marketplace to Instagram Shopping, social media is now a hive of multiple different features. Whether someone has a small business wherein they craft their own garden furniture solutions, or they’re simply looking to get rid of their old stuff, social media can be a gold mine. Essentially, social media is the modern-day garage sale, meaning there are certainly some hidden gems in there; you just need to know where to look. Even if the pieces being sold aren’t of the best quality, this is a good opportunity for you to test your upcycling skills.

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