8 Expert-Approved Landscape and Gardening Hacks to Try Today

Landscaping boosts a property’s curb appeal and increases its value when the time comes that you decide to sell. These are just some of the reasons why many homeowners choose to have their yards landscaped.

However, paying a landscaping contractor in Creve Coeur, MO is only the beginning. If you wish to enjoy this for longer, you must ensure that your landscaped lawn is properly maintained and cared for. To do so, you should learn about the maintenance tasks you must perform regularly (or hire someone else to do it).

If you decide to take on the task on your own, here are eight expert-approved hacks you can try to save time, money, and effort in doing so:

Grow seedlings in citrus peel starter pots

Citrus peels should never be thrown into the trash as they can be used as starter pots for seedlings. Instead of discarding them right away, why not let them help you grow more plants in your garden first?

If you have seeds that you wish to grow, let them germinate first in a citrus peel. The acidity of the peel seeps into the soil, creating the perfect environment for the plants to thrive.

Start by poking holes into them for drainage. Then, proceed with the planting process: fill in the soil, add the seeds, and water generously. This will allow them to grow strong and healthy before being transferred to their permanent space in your garden.

Once they germinate, you can transplant these into the spot designated for them. The peel should decompose between six to nine months, so you won’t have to worry about removing it beforehand.

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Get rid of weed using fire

Weeds are never welcome in any landscaped property, but getting rid of them can be quite a hassle. Fortunately, there’s one way to kill weeds quickly without the need to apply herbicide or any other chemical that can harm your lawn: flame weeding.

Start by clearing the area of any flammable materials, like dry leaves, wood, and paper. Then, sweep the flame over the weeds and sweep away any remnants.

When performing this hack, make sure that you use a torch with a 36-inch reach, so you won’t have to bend over and end up straining your back.

Also, avoid burning poisonous plants like poison ivy as the smoke may cause severe allergic reactions. Take the necessary precautions and make sure that the weed has wilted before you begin torching them.

DIY trellises

Using copper tubing, soldering iron, and a torch, you can make customized trellises to enhance the appearance of your landscaped garden.

Trellises can also double as support for climbing plants like roses, tomato, and ivy.

Just don’t forget to take all safety precautions. Wear gloves and safety goggles before you begin your DIY project.

Use old gallon jugs for new shoots

Aside from citrus peelings, you can also recycle old gallon jugs and use them as pots for new shoots.

To start, cut out two-thirds of the jug down the bottom to create an enclosure that will protect newly planted seeds from scavenging rodents and birds as they begin to germinate.

If you have a busy garden with plenty of plants, you should remember to label the jug. Using a marker, write down the name of the plant you sowed into it. Also, remember that you’ll eventually need to remove the jugs as the shoots begin to emerge to prevent the growth of mold.

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Don’t forget the tarp

A heavy-duty tarp can be quite handy when it comes to landscaping and gardening.

For one, you can use it to move weeds, soil, leaves, small rocks, and other gardening materials more quickly. They are also effective covers for plants and other components of your landscape in case of a storm.

Just remember to keep it tucked away nicely when not in use, as it can kill your grass when left on the lawn too long.

Convert part of the lawn into a garden using cardboard

If you decide to extend your garden into parts of your lawn, there’s an easier way than digging the grass out: use cardboard to get rid of grass in a specific area.

All you need to do is use it as a cover for the area you plan to convert after digging a channel around the grass. Then, put a layer of mulch on top of the cardboard before watering thoroughly. This will prevent the sunlight from seeping through, effectively killing off the grass.

Once they die, the grass will eventually merge with the cardboard, making it easier to prep the area for a flower bed or just about any type of garden space you have in mind.

Clean old pots with vinegar

Many landscape designs make use of clay pots. However, these materials tend to get stained with mineral deposits over time, making them look dull and ugly.

Cleaning them with hose and soap can also be a hassle, take too long, and might not even be quite effective in getting the stains off.

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Lucky for you, there is an easier method of doing this.

Try a vinegar soak: mix three parts of water and one part vinegar in a bucket, then soak the dirty pots in the solution for about 60 minutes. After that, give them a good scrub to remove any stain residue left.

Make garden tools dirt-free with non-stick cooking spray and play sand

One of the most tiring gardening tasks you probably don’t have the time and energy to do is cleaning your garden tools. Fortunately, there’s a hack that can help you get rid of this task altogether.

Simply apply a non-stick cooking spray or bicycle chain lubricant onto your shears, hoes, loppers, shovels, and bypass pruners to make them resistant to both dirt and rust. To make the effect last longer, keep your tools in a container – preferably a pot – filled with clean play sand. The abrasive action of the material can help keep dirt and rust away for longer.

Grow your savings

Gardening and maintaining the overall landscape design of your yard doesn’t have to take too much time, money, and effort. Try these hacks approved by experts in landscaping in Fenton, MO, and watch your savings grow.

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