4 Styles to Choose in Sexy Men’s Underwear

One size does not fit all, and when it comes to choosing the best style for men’s underwear, people generally feel nervous and shy talking about this topic. A well-stocked drawer of men’s underwear should be a good combination of comfort, style and serve as a reflection of their personality. 

Opting for an unconventional style of underwear at times is a good practice as it looks sexy, and honestly, trying different underwear gives you a choice experiment to know your preferences. So, break the barriers and don’t be too shy to try out different styles of men’s underwear.

Here are some of the most preferred types of sexy men’s underwear which men can consider to look stylish and trendy:

Low-Rise Briefs

Low-rise briefs type of sexy men’s underwear covers a larger area, so you can wear it without risking a faux pas. Universally men like this style as it suits well to guys who have a bulging tummy or guys with extremely slim bodies. You can go for different colours such as white, black, and other darker shades of blue. You should avoid choosing more bright colours for this type of undergarment.

Full-Rise Briefs

Full-rise briefs are considered to be the classic choice of all men. They cover a larger area than that covered by low-rise briefs. It extends from the waist area to the end of the buttocks while enveloping sides with Y-shaped. They are bigger than low-rise briefs but smaller than boxers. It actually looks best on any body type and thus, attracts mass popularity for a couple of years now. If you’re a married man, then this underwear is an appropriate choice as it offers more comfort than any other underwear style. 


Thong underwear is a thin string attached that goes between the thighs and provides bikini-line coverage at the front. This style of underwear was produced to show marginal coverage in the initial time. 

It is also associated mostly with a type of bikini or women’s underwear. This design is quite comfortable and stylish so you can wear it anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the elements of marginal coverage make your bun more appealing. You can try these undies at your friend’s party or in a disco club.

Boxer Shorts

Many men have widely accepted boxer shorts since the late 1950s. They are generally made from cotton and have elastic on the waist, which makes them more comfortable. However, apart from being the most popular type of underwear for men of all ages, boxers are still a perfect choice for any guy who has some body image issues. This type of underwear is suitable for any skinny guy or heavy, chubby guy. Being the most popular underwear, boxers come in different colours and fabrics.  

Men should think out-of-the-box when it comes to choosing sexy men’s underwear. The above-highlighted styles possess some of the sexy standards and they could be looking hotter in different colours. You can choose any of the above-listed styles as it offers more comfort and when you wear it once, you will be tempted to wear it more often.

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