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How to Buy The Best Toilet Seats

Style is something that makes you feel at ease with yourself and those that are around you. Toilet seats are something which also oozes style and people also choose among many varieties of them. In this article we would be talking about the 5 best toilet seats to buy which can go with your bathroom décor. Each and every one of them makes its own statement and we would be reviewing them as best we can.


This brand is among the best and the most convenient of every one of them in this collection. The Bath royale has a rounded seat with perfectly placed hinges to prevent any kind of issues in the future. The seat is completely made out of polypropylene that acts as heat insulator, plus it is also completely stain resistant. The seat has been made in such a way that it prevents any kind of back problems and it is definitely one of the most affordable toilet seats to buy.


Another contender to the Bath Royale is the Mayfair Toilet Seat which boasts of a unique design ensuring a high amount of comfort and style put together into one. It has multiple color combinations at its disposal giving you a veritable amount of choices to select from. Plus, its loose hinges make it much easier to fit the seat quickly and effortlessly in any standard toilet combination. The seat has round bowls and the back of the seat provides you with a cushioning effect making it all the more comfortable.

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3.KOHLER K-4648-96

KOHLER K-4648-96
This model of Kohler is suitable for one and two piece set bowls and comes in the elongated version and the standard one. The material used for the entire seat is a compressed molded wood which is increasingly comfortable and highly durable. Even the seats are designed as such and that makes it an excellent addition to your bathroom décor. The model doesn’t come with any kind of design variant which could be a problem for some looking out for a bit of zing, but that remains the least of the worries.


This is an electrical version of the toilet seat which makes it one of the most unique and one of the best versions there is among the most desirable toilet seats to buy. Brondell Toilet Seats comes in both the standard and the elongated version and it can fit into any toilet seat. The contraption contains a GFCI power outlet and strip which can power up the seat. The seat glows in the dark with a bluish tint that glows in the dark with the touch of a button. The seat also contains a heat setting therefore making it more comfortable, plus it’s noiseless. So, if you are looking out for comfort and style in one, then this one’s for you.


Another one of the toilet seat models that has been in use since long and is a preferable option for every American household there is. The American Standard has a veritable amount of features at its disposal which makes it a great option to consider. The seats are available in the elongated and the standard designs as well. The material is made up of a durable plastic which makes it a more economical option than its counterparts. Even the seat closes up quietly without causing much of an issue, and the installation procedure is something which anyone can follow and carry out with an instruction manual. It is a great product for people who are looking out for simple and a budget option.

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