4 Effective Tips From Cleaning Experts

Cleaning the house is a chore that we all despise, but it is a necessary one. Cleaning in an inefficient manner can add extra time to the task, making it take far longer than it really should. However, there are many things that you can do in order to streamline your cleaning efforts and make the job get done easier. However, if you lead a busy life it can be hard to find the time to get your cleaning done, this is where companies like Simply Maid come in handy and can make it easier on you to get your cleaning jobs done as well as lead your 9-5 life!

Here are four effective tips from cleaning experts.

1. Clean from top to bottom, left to right

Clean from top to bottom, left to right
For any effective cleaning strategy, you need to be organized. This is because when you clean without a clear plan in mind, you won’t achieve anything. In order to clean effectively, you need to perform the task in a way that makes sense, and most often this means starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Clean shelves, televisions and tables before you start on the floor, because that’s where any dust you’re going to displace is going to end up. Also make sure you work from left to right (or right to left!) but always in one direction. This helps you to reduce the amount of places you miss, and can help you stay consistent.

2. Use the necessary amount of pressure

Use the necessary amount of pressure
The most infuriating thing that we see is people cleaning on TV where they spray once and wipe baked on grease away in one go. This rarely happens in real life. Getting rid of anything that has baked on requires a lot of elbow grease and effort to power through the dirt. Therefore, you need to apply the correct amount of pressure to finish your task. If you’re cleaning outdoors, you may need to use a pressure cleaner, which is explained at Don’t be afraid to put in the hard work – it will make your job so much easier.

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3. Use an eye level perspective

Spending all day cleaning is one thing, but realizing that you’ve missed a spot can really put a damper on your day. If you’re rushing you might not realize that you’ve cleaned all of your coffee table except for one little spot, and it will annoy you when you notice it later. In order to avoid this, get down at eye level with the surface you’ve just cleaned. This will help you to see the spots you’ve missed thanks to the angle of the lighting in the room and will save you time later.

4. Parallel and perpendicular

Parallel and perpendicular
If you have a lot of things in your house, then you might often become overwhelmed by it all. Lots of stuff lying about can look cluttered, and even though your house is technically clean and free of dirt, it looks messy and unkempt. In order to get past this, you need to like your items up neatly in a way that makes them look tidier. Lay everything on your tables and shelves in lines either parallel or perpendicular to the edge of the surface. Clean lines make everything look neater, and you’ll be much happier in your space.

Cleaning can be dull and can take the fun out of your day. Instead of taking all day to clean your home, you can learn some tricks that will save you a lot of time and help you to make your home feels tidier and more homely. Use this guide the next time you clean in order to shorten your cleaning time, so you can get on with your day.

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