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DIY Guide in Laying Turf At Home

Everyone admires to wake up and be welcomed by a beautiful lawn in the compound, but the biggest challenge in most people is how to go about it. Although there are professional installers, not everyone is able to hire them and many are forced to quit the idea. How would you feel if you became a professional and lay the turf yourself? Join me as I give you advice on how to lay turf and change that bare surface in your home into a green compound.

Here are the guide in laying turf at home:

1. Prepare the Land

Prepare the Land
How a plant thrives depends on the base it stands on. You should prepare your land in advance. Use a weed killer to remove the tough weed and turn over the soil to a depth of 15 cm. With there being environmentally friendly weed killer that can be found on sites like Contact Organics, getting rid of unwanted weeds and being able to protect the environment can be done in one go. But just like anything, it takes time. Hopefully, the results will be positive.

There are many different types of weed killers that can be used to give your agriculture the best results. It can be hard to decide on which one to buy so by having a look at the types of herbicides used in agriculture will help to make your decision easier. Using a rake, beat the soil clods to make a smooth surface. Get rid of the stones, roots, weed and level off the ground to allow proper drainage. You can now water the surface to make the soil firm.

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2. Buy Quality Turf

Buy Quality Turf
Do you want an evergreen lawn all through the year, then go for quality turf. You can easily access turf website and make an order. Try to be careful when buying not to be convinced by the appearance of the lawn without knowing its maintenance. Make sure to understand the different species of turf in terms of the shade tolerance, wear resistance, salt and drought resistance. For a faster growth, ensure that your grass is well matured. When making the order, ensure that your land is ready for planting.

3. Laying the Turf

Laying the Turf
Immediately you receive the turf you should lay it while it’s green. Although the land is ready, it needs light watering and application of starter fertilizer before placing the turf. The turf can either be delivered in slabs or rolls. Laying the turf will depend on the topography of the land. If the land is sloping, the turf should be installed across to avoid eroding of the soil during watering. Make sure to start from the edges toward the center of the surface.

Make a good roll on the surface, a strip after the other without pulling it. If you are forced to cut the turf to make a good finish, then cut it carefully with a sharp knife. Try to make a good roll to ensure the soil comes into contact with the soil and also squeeze the air out.

4. Watering the Lawn

Watering the Lawn
Nothing is disappointing than coming home to face a brown lawn. Make sure to water the lawn twice in a day for at least two weeks. This will give your lawn a good and healthy start. I know you want to see your compound evergreen, then remember to water regularly depending on the temperatures of the area. When the turf starts to thrive well, encourage deep watering to encourage root growth.

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With all the information above, I hope you will be your own professional and take a step of practicing how to lay turf at home. Let’s make our homes ever beautiful and green by installing turfs and maintaining them all the time.

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