Home Appliances You Can Fix Yourself

It’s no secret that people who are DIY’ers can be a bit frugal. And given how expensive some of the most basic repairs are, it’s totally understandable.

Painting the walls and adding new tiles to your bathroom floor are things you do yourself because hiring a professional just isn’t in your budget. However, your DIY phase might start to fade when faced with other challenges.

Continue reading to learn a few home appliances you can fix yourself.

A Leaky Faucet

Did you know that even the smallest faucet drip can waste more than eight gallons of water a day? If you have a sink with two handles that’s less than 20 years old, you can buy a replacement cartridge.

A cartridge is either a plastic or brass valve that has all the components that control the flow of water. Before making your repair, make sure you shut off the water first, then pull off the leaky faucet. Using a pair of pliers, swap out the old faucet to the new one.

Your Vent-Hood Suction is Sluggish

If the air filters and ducts are clean, but you have poor suction, you might need to replace the motor. Turn off the power to the hood and take out the air filters. Next, pull out the fan blade and find the wiring harness of the motor. Unclip it and then unscrew the motor from the bracket. Finally, place the replacement motor and reconnect the harness before reattaching the fan blades.

A Leaking Sink Plug

The body of a sink strainer is constantly exposed to chemical cleaners and hot water. They can end up eroding the gaskets, which results in a leak. To fix this, take a tissue and rub it underneath the strainer body. If any water is picked up, replace the part using a sink strainer kit. Using plumbers putty, apply it to the new body and tighten both the gasket and the nut until excess putty squeezes out.

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A Faulty Gas Oven

If the temperature of your oven ruins your meal, then it’s because of a defective igniter. Here’s how you can check yours; start by removing the oven floor, which will expose the igniter. Switch on the oven and if the igniter doesn’t change colors, replace it immediately. To do so, you must first turn off the electricity and gas.

If you have any trouble with this, consider using Expert Repairs DIY over repair guide to help you. Knowing how to fix your oven can save you hundreds of dollars.

However, if you think can repair it on your own, you then need to disconnect the wiring to the igniter and remove the fasteners that hold it in place. Attach your new igniter using by going in reverse.

As you can see, you don’t always need to call a professional repair service to fix things. Unless it’s out of your skill level, you can easily do it yourself. Have a problem with your oven that requires a professional? Look no further than H&H Denton Appliance Repair Expert Repairs Appliance and Hot Water Specialists! Contact us today by using our number at 08-9523-0073 today!

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