Benefits Of Installing Replacement Windows In The Boston, MA Climate

Boston, MA might be best known as the home of the six-time Super Bowl winning New England Patriots, but it’s almost as famous for the cold and blustery weather. Even as we celebrate the victories of our hometown heroes, we are battling frigid temps. Are you sick of that freezing cold? Installing replacement windows in Boston MA might be the key to counteracting the chills.

Signs that indicate it’s time for energy efficient replacement windows

Are you uncertain if you really do need replacement windows? Here are a few indicators that your super cold home is the result of your old windows.

You have rising energy costs

Your energy costs rise month after month. You keep the thermostat low, your storm windows are closed, and you even light a cozy fire to ward off that chill every day. Yet, your heating bill keeps climbing every month. A call to your utility provider confirms that they haven’t implemented a new rate hike. You just can’t get those bills down. Your windows are a likely culprit.

As your windows age, their thermal properties diminish. If this sounds like it could be the issue you’re facing, then choosing home windows should be at the tip top of your to-do list. New windows will help your home get warmer, faster and seal in the heat so you won’t need to run the heat as frequently.

This has another benefit that most people don’t even consider. When your furnace is running at a higher frequency, it becomes more likely to experience premature wear and tear due to overuse of its mechanical parts. An energy efficient home will cut down on furnace maintenance, repair bills, and unnecessarily early replacement.

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You’ve seen more insects

Think back to last summer and fall. Were you forced to deal with more insects invading your humble abode than usual? The cycle of spray or swat the bugs becomes persistent when your windows are failing.

That’s because deteriorating wood window frames are a common entry point for pests. Cockroaches, carpenter ants, termites, and bees like the environment of the softened wood. It harbors moisture that they need and provides them easy access to food—yours.
Beyond that, those gaps that allow pests in also let cold air seep into your home and heated air to escape.

Investing in energy efficient replacement windows will seal those gaps. That means your home will be healthier as you’ll be free of disease spreading pests, unwanted pollutants from the outside, and the constant spraying of bug killer. That should make your whole family breathe easier. If you find you still have an infestation, find and contact the best exterminator in Boston to help remove those unwanted guests.

You’re feeling drafty

One of the simples ways to see if your windows are in imminent need of replacement is when you feel noticeable draftiness. If you notice “cold zones” in your home, the chances are great that the windows in those particular rooms are in pretty poor condition.

One way to test for drafts is to carefully light a taper candle and hold it very still in front of the window (keep away from your window treatments!) If the flame flickers and dances, it’s being pushed by drafts of air.

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When you have replacement windows installed, you will no longer have cold corners of a room or cold areas inside your home. You will be able to heat (winter) or cool (summer) your home to consistent temperatures that will keep every member of your family equally as comfortable.

A thought on home security

While home security doesn’t have anything to do with cold Boston winters, it can have everything to do with replacing your windows.

Locking mechanisms are often one of the first things to break down on a deteriorating window. Shimming the window closed with a broomstick sends a visible message to the bad guys that your windows could be possible weak points in your home.

A burglar will then know to check all the windows in hopes of finding a failed lock. If he does not find a window with a broken lock, he will examine them to see if the frames are soft enough to kick in.

Old windows are a dangerous point for forced entry into your home.

The Bottom Line

Replacement windows in Boston MA can become a critical issue.

New replacement windows can boost your family’s comfort and keep you warm during these last weeks of winter. However, they can also keep your home free of pests and pollution in the warmer months ahead and keep your family out of harm’s way.

All in all, that’s money well spent.

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