Don’t Relocate, Renovate!

Sometimes we outgrow the homes we live in or no longer like the layout. We have children or get pets and realize the house that we adore no longer ticks all the boxes. The home that was once perfect for us perhaps isn’t so perfect anymore. Outgrowing a home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to move.

Millions of people worldwide are now upgrading and extending their current properties instead of selling up and buying new ones. This has some great benefits. You can stay in the home you love. You don’t need to establish friendships with a new set of neighbors. Your children don’t have to change schools and can stay in the house they have always known. There are so many benefits to renovating instead of moving. Below are some ideas on how to upgrade your property rather than move.

Out with the old

A facelift makes a huge difference to a property. The tired kitchen you once loved perhaps needs a bit of an overhaul. Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of having a new kitchen installed in the same format as your old one, consider whether you could remove some walls. This allows the adjoining room to become one and can create more light and better flow. Incorporating a family seating area within a kitchen is a great way to get the family talking. The days of you cooking in one room and the kids being in another watching television can be over. If you are a family who likes to entertain, an open plan kitchen/dining can be a welcomed addition. You can talk to your guests whilst cooking and no longer have to keep leaving the room to start the next course. If you have enough space, adding a kitchen island is another option. It not only creates additional worktop space but increases the number of storage units available.

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Extend your possibilities

When space is an issue, consideration has to be given to moving but it’s wise to speak to trade professionals first. Extensions are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it be adding an orangery to your kitchen or creating a habitable loft space, extending might be the answer. Speaking to a roofing contractor, builder and other specialist trades will make your options clearer. Once you know what is feasible it will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Wash the day away

Sometimes the biggest issue in a household can be the fight to see who gets into the bathroom first. Kids are trying to get ready for school, you are trying to get ready for work and before you know it the morning stress has already kicked in. Establishing whether installing an en-suite bathroom if feasible is a great idea. There are hundreds of different suites and packages available. Space-saving sinks and toilets mean that even a small cupboard can become a functional en-suite. Whether it be a toilet and sink or a full suite with a shower and bath, investigate the possibilities available. Mornings will never be the same again.

Kids will be kids

That relaxing haven that was once your lounge, is now filled with a plethora of toys, crayons, and other gadgets. You can no longer see your carpet and a solitary piece of Lego can spell danger for your feet. Creating a dedicated area for children to play is always a good all-round decision when space allows. Not only will the children adore having their own room but you can reclaim your living room as your own!

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The great outdoors

Having a functional and attractive outdoor space is a great asset to any property.

Landscaping can transform the look of your existing garden. You can also divide it into areas that have differing functions.

Perhaps you want to grow herbs or vegetables. This can easily be done either directly into the existing soil or in pots and growing bags.

Maybe you want an area to socialize in. Patios and decking come in all shapes and sizes. Composite decking is becoming increasingly popular due to it being fairly low maintenance. Add some furniture and lighting and you will have a lovely area to sit and catch up with friends and family.

If you want a dedicated area for the kids but are concerned about grass being damaged, there are many artificial grass options available.

Whatever you decide, your existing home and garden can become a wonderful place for all the family to enjoy. Get it right and the idea of moving will be a thing of the past.

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