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Gifts for Girlfriend – Impress Her with These 25 Gift Ideas

Getting a gift from a special person in life is as much exciting as giving her one. But since she is so special in your life, getting her something needs more effort than getting gifts for any other person. From birthdays to anniversaries and from holidays to other special days- the occasions to get your girlfriend a gift are plenty. The problem is that most guys are pretty lost when it comes to knowing what their girlfriend really wants in a gift. Fret not as there is no dearth of perfect gifts for girlfriend in the market.

Gifts for Girlfriend

First things first, do not go for the same old boring gifts. No girl wants a gift that is uninteresting like the same old boring teddy bears and flowers. Gift her something that are not just fun but also fun to use. Go for the quirky gifts to put a smile on her face. Make sure that you spend some time planning the gift and don’t just rush to get a gift at the last minute. Every girl comes with a different set of personality and different likes and dislikes. So what is perfect for one girl might not be so for another girl.

Unique Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend

Red Rose on Cloud Necklace

The Red Rose on Cloud Necklace is the perfect gift for your girlfriend on her birthday or Valentine’s Day. The chain is the standard size to fit every girl. The beautiful rose nestled in the jar looks like it is floating in the clouds. The necklace has a very unique look that is both classy and sophisticated. This is the one that should adorn the neck of your special someone to remind her that she is as beautiful and delicate as the rose seen in the necklace. Get it Now

Red Rose on Cloud Necklace

Red Elephant Ring Holder

Want to gift your special girl something cute to remind her of your love? Go for the Red Elephant ring holder. The shiny red color catches the eye while the adorable elephant shape will make her go “awww.” She can stack all the rings that you gift her in the snout of the elephant. So there is no longer any worry of missing a ring or not finding the right one when she wants to wear it. This is something that will take the place of pride in her dresser. Get it Now

Red Elephant ring holder

Chevron Crochet Poncho in Red Green White

Want to gift her something that is not just pretty but also functional? Go for this chevron poncho with crochet designing. The red, green and white colors give it a bright look and make it suitable to be paired up with all kinds of tops. The warmth of this poncho will remind her of the warmth of your love. This is the perfect thing to wear when the winter is just about to set in. You do not need to worry about what size to get as the wide neck and pullover style fits all. Get it Now

Chevron Crochet Poncho in Red Green White

Heart Barrette Hair Clip

If your girl loves accessories, and especially hair accessories, then this innovative clp is the right gift for her. The clip looks like a mermaid sitting with her hand in her hair and a heat in her lap. The mermaid is brownish-blue in color, and the heart on her lap is pale pink. This will look amazing if added on to long hair and will look equally adorable in short or medium length hair. Make this a gift for her birthday or the first date anniversary, and she will love it for sure. Get it Now

Heart barrette hair clip

Boho Leather Wrap Cuff

The Boho Leather Wrap Cuff is for the girl with a bohemian and free-spirited look in her dressing style. It is made up of leather with big yellow buttons and wooden beads embellishing the body of this wrap cuff. The cuff will look perfect with long skirts and tops or tee shirts. The cuff is wide and stylish enough to stand out as a statement accessory with no other addons needed. It is made to fit all and size will never be a problem for you. Get it Now

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Boho Leather Wrap Cuff

Solid Rose Gold Heart Ring

Rings are the best gift to give for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. You can even go ahead and profess your love to her using this heart-shaped rose gold colored ring. The design is classy and minimalistic. The exterior has a nice shine that adds to the beauty of the ring. The presence of the ring on her finger will assure her of your love and make her remember the special moments that you have spent together. Get it Now

Solid Rose Gold Heart Ring

Leather Wallet

This leather wallet is simple yet sophisticated in the look. The pattern on the flap of the wallet adds to the beauty of the thing. The color is like tanned leather. Because it is leather, this will surely last her long. This is one of the most practical and sophisticated gifts that you can give your girlfriend. It is wide enough to accommodate all her cash, loose change, cards and keys and keep them in one place. The flap closes securely so the things inside do not fall or slip out. Get it Now

Leather Wallet

Angel Cupid with Bow and Arrow Ring

This ring comes in the beautiful, shiny silver color and depicts cupid with his bow and arrow with a heart alongside. The design is intricate, and you will love the eye for details seen in the product. This ring will show your angel how smitten you are with her as the cupid’s arrow has touched both of your heart. The look of the item is really cute and adorable which is what makes it perfect as a gift of love. The polished exteriors catch the eye of all. Get it Now

Angel Cupid with bow and arrow ring

Love Candle Holder

The candle holder is brown in color with intricate detailing in the design depicting hearts and love. This is perfect as a romantic gift for your girlfriend. She will light up the candle inside this holder as you two sit for a romantic and quite candle light dinner. It has set place inside to fit in any candle of the standard size, and the leg stands keep it steady. She can even keep it as a decorative piece on a table or inside her curio cabinet. Get it Now

Love Candle Holder

52 Reasons,I Love You, Gift for Girl

This one is one of the most personalized gifts that you can give her. It is a wooden box with her name and the words “I love you” stuck on the plate on top. Inside the box will be 52 rolled up chits in colors of brown and white. Inside each of the chit, you will write one reason why you love her. Now that makes it 52 ways to tell her how much you love her. She will love to open each of the chits one by one and fall in love with you all over again. Get it Now

52 Reasons,I Love You, Gift for Girl

Geometric Jewelry Chunky Bracelet

This bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear with long and short skirts or jeans. The geometric pattern gives it an edgy look while the multiple colors like brown, tan or white ensure that she can wear it with any colored clothes. The wavy design makes it the perfect accessory for the modern girl. She can wear it to casual hangouts with her friends or some relaxing time with you. This one is for the girls who love all kinds of statement jewelry. Get it Now

Geometric jewelry chunky bracelet

Lovely Filigree Mirror

Every girl loves to keep a mirror in her handbag for a little touch up on the makeup on the go. So this Lovely filigree mirror is something that your girl will totally adore. There is spiraling design on the top with the cutest candy colors like bubblegum pink, blue and green. The clasp has two cute decorations hanging from it that will make it easy for her to pull and open. The size is compact enough to fit in the palm of her hand and also in any handbag. Get it Now

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Lovely filigree mirror,

Women Slippers Felt Wool House Shoes

These felt wool shoes will give your girl the ultimate comfort and save her feet from the cold floor of the house. The shoes are green in color with purple color on the inside and beautiful flower detailing on the sides. The design of the item is such that it looks like it has been watercolored like a canvas. This is a very functional gift especially when the winter falls, and the woolen house shoes become a necessity for the delicate feet of your girlfriend. Get it Now

Women slippers felt wool house shoes

Silver Heart Ring Love Gift

Nothing speaks of love better than the ring given by you adorning her finger. This silver ring with a heart on top looks really beautiful and classic. Make this the perfect romantic gift for occasions like her birthday and the first date or first kiss anniversary or even when you just feel like pampering your girl. This is one ring that will go perfectly well with both dresses and jeans. She will love to flaunt your love proudly on her fingers. Get it Now

Silver Heart Ring Love Gift

Gold Cream Flower Comb

If you girl is a long and beautiful haired Rapunzel who loves to give herself different hairstyles every day, then hair accessory is the best gift that you can offer her. The flower comb looks nothing short of gorgeous with the golden comb and the golden and white roses on top of the comb. The design and the detailing make it look pristine and pretty. This will compliment her evening gowns and classy dresses just perfectly. She will thank you when people shower her with compliments for her accessories. Get it Now

Gold Cream Flower Comb

Glowing Tree of Life Pendant Glowing Tree Necklace

If you are planning on giving her a neckpiece as an accessory, then you can go for this Glowing tree of life pendant. The pendant is golden in color, and so is the necklace that comes with it. The best part of this necklace is that the pat behind the tree of life design glows a brilliant yellow. The glow is what makes it different from the other necklaces in the offering. Let your love shine through the pendant and reach her heart when you gift her this pendant and necklace. Get it Now

Glowing tree of life pendant glowing tree necklace

Real Fur Fox Hand Bag Tablet Bag

The bag is the ultimate for the girl who loves luxury and class. This one is a brown sling bag with a long and adjustable strap and flap cover. The body is decorated with the real fox fur that not just gives it a sophisticated look but is also really soft to touch. This bag is the perfect romantic gift for your girlfriend when you just want to pamper her with an amazing surprise gift. Get it Now

Real Fur Fox Hand Bag Tablet bag

Rustic Red Shabby Chic Distressed Music Jewelry Box

This rust-red colored jewelry box is just what your girlfriend needs to keep all her jewelry in one place. There is multiple pulls out drawers on this gift item so she can keep all her earrings and rings in separate pockets to find them just when needed. The leg stands keep it steady on the table, and the shiny exteriors will make it look really pretty in your girlfriend’s room. Get it Now

Rustic Red Shabby Chic Distressed Music Jewelry Box

Black Rose Ring

Want to gift your girl a ring that looks simple yet really attractive? Then this black rose ring is the one thing that you must go for. The body of the ring is rose gold in color, and the design of the rose sits in the front with the black and gold colors on the body. You can slip this on her fingers as a surprise gift during any of the special occasions. The design of the ring is one of a kind, and the color will perfectly complement all dresses. Get it Now

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Black Rose Ring

Crochet Felted Bracelet with Button

This bracelet is so different than all the regular kinds that you see all around. This is crafted with care as a crochet. The pretty brown button sits in the front of the pale pink bracelet to act as an adjustable clasp to the bracelet. The adjustability of the size makes it fit a number of wrist sizes. The detailed crochet work will have her heart. This is one accessory that is as unique as your girl herself. Get it Now

Crochet felted bracelet with button

Black and White Lace Leather Cuff

This cuff is the perfect combination of delicate and edgy sitting perfectly together. There is pure white lace in front and brown leather attached to the lace. It comes with two adjustable settings in width. This one is for the girl who loves accessories but wants hers to be different than all the rest. This is the perfect romantic gift that you can give her on her birthdays or to celebrate any milestone in her life. Get it Now

Black and white lace leather cuff

The “Heidi” Handbag

This handbag is handmade with care in England. It is tan brown in color with the beautiful design with black all over the body of the bag. One look is enough to fall in love with this bag, and she will praise you for the choice that you have made with the gift. It comes with a flap closure in front that keeps the belongings inside from spilling out. She can carry it along as a statement accessory by keeping other accessories least. This one is the perfect gift for the anniversaries. Get it Now

The "Heidi" handbag

Flower Charm Necklace

If you are looking for a simple and pretty necklace to gift your girl on the next romantic occasion, then you can go for this Flower Charm Necklace. The necklace comes with a long silver linked chain with the pendant in front. The pendant is bottle green in color with a dainty little golden rose sitting in the middle. This one is perfect to be worn at all hours of the day. Get it Now

Flower Charm Necklace

Red Heart Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is a great help for any girl to keep her numerous rings, earrings, and neckpieces at one place. So if you are planning to gift her jewelry box, you can definitely go for this one. This is a rust red colored, wooden box that has a shape of the heart on the lid with the intricate design of roses inside the heart. The box is pretty enough to earn a place on her dresser and big enough to accommodate almost all of her jewelry. Get it Now

Red Heart Jewelry Box

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Jewelry

If your girlfriend is an avid book lover and Lewis Carroll is among her list of favorite writers, then this is the gift for her. The Alice in Wonderland tea party jewelry comes in the set of earrings and neckpiece. The earrings are shaped just like cups and look totally adorable. The Pendant looks like a teapot with a long chain attached. The amount of detailing on all of these is just brilliant. This is the gift that will amuse her to bring a smile on her face, and she will thank you for your quirky choice of gift. Get it Now

Alice in Wonderland tea party jewelry

Check these stunning ideas of Gifts for Girlfriend and choose the best one for her. If your girl like the gift from this list don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.

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