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Valentine Gifts For Boyfriend – 40 Unique & Useful Gift Ideas

Every couple is eagerly waiting for the valentine day, reason; they get the chance to show their love by giving each other wonderful gifts. Well, it’s not necessary that one must reveal their feelings only on Valentine’s Day however people love to celebrate this day in an amazing manner. But you can look for some beautiful Gifts For Boyfriend which can make your day memorable.

Gifts For Boyfriend

How about gifting your beloved with those lovely handmade gifts? This blog post has a list of beautiful handmade gifts that can definitely make your day. So, pick those that touch your heart and you feel that these are the ones your sweetheart will love to have.

Go through the list and grab them before the day arrives. Surprise your boyfriend with a different style. Celebrating Valentine’s in a unique manner, with gifts like as personalized six pack, game day socks, beard grooming kit, beer soap, items made from leather such as leather bag, leather journal, tool rolls made from leather, you could even get your man some custom viking drinking horns if he is a fantasy fan! And lots more.

Handmade Gifts For Boyfriend

Identify what your boyfriend loves the most and choose the gift accordingly. You can gift him a leather wallet, tournament set, desk organizer, coffee gift, valentine edition box, mini guitar and lots more. Some creative gifts can be Bar Décor, Romantic game, Food book recipe, Iphone leather cover etc.

Such gifts can really surprise him. Know about his favorite things and try to gift anything out of them.

Personalized Six Pack

If couch, beer and your favorite movie with your partner is your idea of having fun, then this Valentine you should gift your partner this pack of beer. It could be a great time when you both can go into deep thoughts or conversations which would have been missing from a long time. Discussing things with a partner can help you relax and at least you get the confidence of fighting with it. And if you want to do something together in that vein how about adding a ‘how-to’ idea into the mix and get him some recommended books about homebrewing, it might spark something and you two could be making your own unique beer just shared by you two. A beer can have so many advantages.

Beer is what can give you the energy to fight against those thoughts that keep on bothering you. Celebrate this Valentine Eve with a personalized Six pack and enjoy the fun.

Personalized Six PackGet it Now

Game Day Socks

Some people do not like wearing socks at home, so before getting this idea, check out if the other person is more comfortable without socks. And, then there are people having a stock of weird socks which they call a beautiful collection. For both of them gifting a handmade pair of socks is a good idea because it adds a personal touch. Usually, our mother knit for us and if somebody is presenting handmade socks, then, of course, they care for you.

Game Day SocksGet it Now

Beard Grooming Kit

This could be a trendy gift idea and of course very useful. By the time we start thinking about the gifts, our first priority is it has to be useful. Other gifts look like they have been picked up from any gift store and do not put much impact. On the other hand, you are giving a handmade gift and that too a useful one, it could be the best gift he may have received till now.

Your boyfriend loves to have a nice beard and how about if you help him groom it nicely with this beautiful handmade beard grooming kit. Celebrate this Valentine day with this amazing gift.

Beard Grooming KitGet it Now

6 Pack Beer Soap

Handmade beer soap with 6 different flavors and all natural ingredients is an amazing gift to present. It is a unique gift and a very special one in a way. A person would use it and use it regularly. Benefits of healthy skin, good for sensitive skin and aromatherapy are all making this 6 pack a bumper pack to gift. Just make sure he likes beer and the flavors it has.

6 Pack Beer SoapGet it Now

Leather Journal

Do not gift this to someone who does not like writing. Someone who always likes the post and never comments and if does, it is always an emoji. We do not want to categorize but just make sure the other person would like this gift or not. Take this as a warning. Other than that, nothing can be a better gift of papers to write ocean of thoughts.

Leather JournalGet it Now

Leather Tool Roll

It is another useful gift and the handmade leather material is adding that perfect and personalize feel to it. It is a three-fold piece which has enough space and pockets to fit in every tool. Large tools at the center and pockets for smaller ones. Looks like a trendy utility pouch.

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Leather Tool Roll
Get it Now

Walnut Speakers & Amp

These walnut speakers are another precious and lovely gift to give to someone special. Due to the wood being their base material, they have good brass. Listen to your favorite songs with a clear and clean sound uninterrupted. To someone who is a music lover, this gift is complete fantasy.

Walnut Speakers & AmpGet it Now

Gun Holster Wine Bottle Holder

Choose to give this bottle holder rather than gifting a bottle of liquor. Of course, you may give both, however, the idea of giving these gifts are special to me. It is been remembered for quite some time and second, they are useful. Rest depends on your choice and if we talk about this particular one, its hand painted detailing makes it worth.

Gun Holster Wine Bottle HolderGet it Now

Chilli Gift

This is a perfect gift for any chilly lover and for the one who boasts of his spice lover tongue. Packed with three most deadly spices of the world, this gift will be a complete hit. For me, it seems like a kinky love challenge when you will present this in front of your partner.

Boost your boyfriend’s love for spices especially chilies with this exclusive Chili Gift.

Chilli GiftGet it Now

Old Fashioned Cocktail Set

Sometimes we just miss being in old times and the way things carried out. This is the reason people are engaged too much into ‘old is gold’. When old things make a comeback, they are more attractive like this old-fashioned cocktail set with a muddler, aromatic spices, and everything nice and gorgeous.

Old Fashioned Cocktail SetGet it Now


I call this a classic gift and adding value to this gift is that it is handmade. Just look at the design and style of it. Total view of style and elegance any man would want it. Of course it is not a definition of manliness, however, gifting this to someone would be a thought-provoking for a bit.

With a moustache design, this can serve to be the best gift for your boyfriend. Make him feel as a real man and let him take proud to be a perfect man by giving him this Steel Man Card as a present on this Valentine. Let him feel special.

MancardGet it Now

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

While doing online shopping, one hindrance that comes often is the size of the item. Be it clothes, furniture or any other random item, however, this one would confirm a standard size. And to your surprise, it can be customized as well once pre-ordered. This has obviously made shopping a heavenly place.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit Get it Now

Bicycle Saddle Bag The Barrel Bag Leather

This kind of gifts often passes by in front of you and when they do, just grab them otherwise they will just vanish and would never come back. A cute handmade piece made up of leather and must not forget mentioning, an elegant way of dressing your bicycle with. Button-up style is adding shine to the style for sure.

Bicycle Saddle Bag The Barrel Bag LeatherGet it Now

Game Of Thrones Horn Beer Mug

Games of Thrones fans are conquering the world no matter what. And, let’s just not go to the debate section and admit that answer would be yes while asking ‘do you watch GoT?’. You can gift this to anybody and it will be their favorite gift on the spot.

Game Of Thrones Horn Beer MugGet it Now

Dark Roast Whiskey Barrel Coffee

Coffee when stressed, when happy, date over coffee, get-to-gathers, office politics discussion or what say when alone. You can enjoy coffee at every moment of your life and gift someone your moment of joy of togetherness would be a great idea. It can be a bit strong but never hates anybody.

Dark Roast Whiskey Barrel CoffeeGet it Now

Grizzly Bear Underwear

Wild and kinky ideas of gifting, all you can find. This could be any goal like if you want to give him a signal and take your relationship to a new level or just want to be humorous. Save it if it does not look weird to you someone roaming around wearing this.

A naughty valentine gift that your boyfriend might love to have, know how much he likes such gifts as this will make it easy for you to choose this or other options are already there. You may even want to couple this with a steam gift from a store similar to Loveplugs where you may be able to find something special that will make your Valentine’s day even kinkier.

Grizzly Bear UnderwearGet it Now

Woods Candle

Gift them and they will completely lit your world because sometimes these simple gifts can touch the other person’s heart you never know. We all are waiting for any special gift out of so many boxes in front and we know what made a gift special, a good thought behind it.

Woods CandleGet it Now

Straight Razor Blade, Wood Comb, Scissors & Sharpening Stones

The elegance of giving a handmade gift starts off their packaging. This vintage style looks charms everyone and the curiosity to peeps inside grows naturally. I really do not think you have to wrap it also in some bright paper. It looks perfect as it is, ready to present it anyway.

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Straight Razor Blade, Wood Comb, Scissors & Sharpening StonesGet it Now

44 Cal Cylinder Ring

Metal accessories can never go out of fashion for all ages. But this one could suit someone who likes to carry that tough guy looks. This is a replica of revolver chamber and looks a perfect gift if you have a perfect person to give. Even guys like jewelry in their closet.

44 Cal Cylinder RingGet it Now

Boxing Glove Bean Bag Chair

A comfortable bean bag in a corner of your house where you sit and relax sipping coffee with your favorite people! And, you could be the one who has gifted this comfortable bean bag that looks like a chair and have a design of boxing glove. Also, you have the option to choose right or left handed glove.

Boxing Glove Bean Bag ChairGet it Now

Vintage Tournament Dartboard Set

Gift this set and you would never be missed by their house parties. After all, you have just added fun to their parties with this bristle dart board. Apart from that what makes it different from usual ones are its good looks. Same thing that applies to humans as well. I guess I have already made a quirky statement.

Vintage Tournament Dartboard SetGet it Now

Love is Like A Candle

Extra large size handmade candle with a burning time of up to 80 hours like it’s saying ‘I am here to stay’. Candles are a good way of gifting light and praying for a spark in someone’s life. People who do not like candles can never get the idea of giving and take of candles however it’s a promising gift.

Such a long lasting candle can add jist to the day and the statement written strictly shows how much you are devoted to him. Reveal your hidden feelings with this beautiful candle.

Love Is Like A CandleGet it Now

Brown Leather Holster

It is a highly suitable gift for someone who loves to travel. The idea if roaming around free without having to handle that beer bottle all the way gives me goosebumps. At the time of facing the camera, we take appealing shots with the beer but what happens after that. So, probably you have got the idea why it is important and if you have someone who needs this, go ahead.

Brown Leather Holster
Get it Now

Vintage Baseball Glove Minimalist Wallet

Wallets made up of baseball gloves, I suppose baseball lovers would go head over heels for that. Furthermore, to add, they are all handmade and what else then you can ask for. It’s a small and cute wallet, easy to grip and easy to manage, unlike other ones which look flooded and people keep on looking where they have kept the change. Gifting this would be great! Isn’t it?

Vintage Baseball Glove Minimalist WalletGet it Now

Captain America Shield Barbell Plates

From baseball wallets to captain America barbell plates, personalized gifting has taken itself to another level nowadays. Now you name it they have it. Like these personal favorites, gifts seem to be random but they are not. What makes it different is that they are handmade and so are first hand.

Captain America Shield Barbell PlatesGet it Now

Guillermo Del Toro Patron Tequila

These limited edition bottles designed by Guillermo Del Toro can make every other person crave for it. Do you have that critic one in your circle who finds flaws in every drink because he thinks himself a big critic? This is an accurate gift to him and a superb idea to listen perfectly from him.

Guillermo Del Toro Patron TequilaGet it Now

“Tuareg-5”- Steampunk Watches

All the gift ideas till now are somewhat different and so is this one. You must have seen bracelet watches and watches being a blameless gift item, it has to be placed somewhere. Apart from being handmade, this watch goes for its stunning looks and comfort.

Get it Now

Men Desk Organizer

Make your partners more organized by gifting this unique desk organizer. He is already an organized kind of guy or you want him to be a little bit, both agenda will work and the gift is pretty awesome. Unique style is what men see first and handmade pieces have it all.

You want your beloved to keep his desk clean and tidy; this gift will definitely help you serve the purpose. Help him to be organized in an organized manner. Gift him this to form a good habit.

Men Desk OrganizerGet it Now

Boyfriend Wish Bracelet

For the lovebirds, this lovely gift idea is just extraordinary. Normally we do not bother when bracelet breaks, however, message on the card has just rewind the story from a different angle. A very pleasing though a graceful meaning which only belongs to special someone.

Boyfriend Wish BraceletGet it Now

Men Coffee Gift

Simple yet effective and spicy and steamy! Love for the beard tagline implies more to the women than to the men. How many of us want our men to never cut his beard. This one is for him that would remind him that you love him anyway either it is no shave November or clean shave anyway.

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Men Coffee GiftGet it Now

Iphone X Leather Cover

Cover cum organizer so he will never forget his important cards on the table. It sometimes feels like women are here to only organize men but then gifting ideas won’t exist much the other way. Keep fulfilling each other wishes and priorities through presents like this one.

Iphone X Leather CoverGet it Now

Couple in Love Retro Toys Wooden Music Box

Start the valentine day with this wooden music playing your favorite tune. This could be the best start of the day following many surprises from both side and a love to blossom. Embrace these awesome moments of togetherness through these special and personalized gifts.

Couple in love retro toys wooden music box Get it Now

Valentine Edition Box

Keep ahead and rather than gifting just one gift, make a collage of different yet unique presents. This one would be an accomplished one. Finding many gifts inside one package is a surprise and to the one who has presented this has to take your heart. Be ready to be extra loved after seeing your gift.

Valentine Edition BoxGet it Now

Jumbo Recipe Book for Foodie

A real jumbo book and not just named as jumbo. Make sure the other person loves to cook other than being a foodie. I don’t know why I have a feeling like foodie people only loves to eat but does not love to cook. If yours is an exception, make sure you keep gifting recipe books so it is good for you as well.

Jumbo recipe book for foodieGet it Now

Personalized Paper Mache Doll

Even you have selected your gift and finalized it, I would say gift this as a complementary one. I am sure this makes the list of favorite presents. It is like their replica and who does not want to be in the wax statue. Jokes apart, personalizing has now hit a new level and like this makes us go crazy about it.

Personalized Paper Mache Doll Get it Now

Romantic Game

This could be a super awesome way to end your valentine day that is play games. Present this gift at the end and enjoy some more light moments. You can customize this gift by choosing the game you want to add. The goal of making the night special would remain same despite getting this idea of different games.

Romantic gameGet it Now

Mini Guitar – Impressive Wooden Gift

If you have a boyfriend who loves his guitar more than you, gift him this mini guitar so he can carry this mini guitar everywhere where original one cannot go. To make the impression, this handmade gift can be made to emboss any message over it. Having a wooden handmade guitar as a gift won’t

excite us but ask a guitar lover.

Mini Guitar - impressive wooden giftGet it Now

Man Cave Bar Decor

Make the bar corner perfect for your boyfriend by adding this décor piece. You could choose the color and arrow position and rest is what it looks like – a perfect gift idea. Apart from décor piece being a cliché item, this is different firstly because it is of your boyfriend’s interest and secondly the fact that you are interested in his tastes as well.

Man Cave Bar DecorGet it Now

Pine Tree Belt Buckle

Even the tiniest of the item has something to customize like for example a belt buckle. And gifting this means you truly care about someone’s public image. I am sure he has never shown off his belt buckle to his friends of having something special in it. But this time he would and all because of you.

Pine Tree Belt BuckleGet it Now

Leather Pouch Belt

This handmade leather pouch is all that someone needs while traveling. It is small but of great help when you buy or want to handle those tiny little things while traveling. All the gifting ideas are chosen taking care of the different needs and this one is also like a traveler’s precious gift item. And, that does not mean you cannot gift it to nontraveler.

Leather pouch beltGet it Now

Hope this list is enough to get you a beautiful gift for boyfriend. Let us know how this has met your gifting needs? Such handmade gifts serve to be a unique gift and enhance your art of gifting. Loved them or liked them? We would like to know how you celebrate your Valentine’s Day and what all things you consider for gifting. Share your ideas and get new ideas which will help every reader to celebrate the day in a special manner.

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