Moving Checklist: 6 Things To Do for An Orderly and Quick Moveout

You’ve just signed the contract for your new home, and you are truly ecstatic. All is good until you remember that you have a long move ahead of you.  Yes, one way or the other, relocating is stressful from the moment you start contacting the movers until you put down the last of the boxes in your new home. The thing is that moving accounts for so many small to big tasks that you can quickly lose track of things. And before you even realize it, you have a bunch of angry kids pestering you, missing boxes, and a few broken ones as well. 

Don’t worry; you can end the nightmare right here and take help from our ultimate moving checklist that we’ve prepared just for you. 

Search moving companies

Before you even start thinking about reaching for those cardboard boxes, you must decide on the kind of move you want. You have three moving options: you can hire movers and let them take care of everything, you can go with the old DIY method, or you can remain in between and use a little of both. For a move that is not heavy on the pockets nor consumes all your time, your option should be the hybrid move. In this option, you can hire moving companies for limited services such as loading, unloading, etc., and you can do the rest on your own. 

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to take at least three estimates from different companies just in case. Likewise, we recommend you also check out self-storage options, as they will ease the transition period. If you’re relocating to Thousand Oaks, what’s better than approaching storage units Thousand Oaks to take care of your belongings. You can store any stuff you want for as long as you wish in these secure storage units. 

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Make an inventory or a moving binder

You’ve done your research and settled with a moving company; now it’s time to put your skills to the test and create a moving binder. Inventories and moving binders are lifesavers when planning a move as they keep track of every step you take. Not only will you save tons of time, but you can also keep track of essential boxes, documents, packages, dates, schedules, payments, and more. 

You can even make daily or weekly checklists and put them in the binder. This way, you can separate all your tasks and get organized faster before the final day. We recommend that you also go for room-by-room inventory. It will allow you to determine what you are putting where and help claim lost or damaged goods if you hire movers. 

Declutter room by room

Packing may seem like the most challenging and longest part of moving. However, before moving comes an even arduous task called decluttering. Yes, this activity that you’ve delayed for so long until your inevitable move is indeed stressful. So, start from your attic, basement, garage, and then move up to rooms and finally to the kitchen and the living room. Divide everything into a category, such as things you must take, things that you don’t need, and things going straight to the bins. If you want a fresh start, you don’t have to take useless and unwanted stuff with you. Think realistically and pack things according to the space you will soon be calling home. You can hold a garage sale, donate to the community center, or put everything in a storage unit. 

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Get moving supplies

Once you declutter by category, it starts getting easier to pack, which means you can now stock up on the packing supplies. Avoid making multiple trips to the store and get supplies such as cardboard boxes, plastic containers, packing tape, trash bags, bubble wrap, etc., in bulk. You can collect free boxes of different sizes from grocery stores, restaurants, local bookstores, and many other places. You should also think about labels and buy paper tape, stickers, or print customized labels for each box. 

When it comes to valuable electrical appliances like your flatscreen or microwave, move them in their original boxes. 

Transfer your utilities and change address

Notifying important utility companies at least a month before moving is necessary. It’s imperative to make arrangements with the concerned parties like your utility companies, insurance company, and so on. It includes electricity, gas, water, security system, phone, sewer, cable, and trash, all of which you can either cancel or transfer to the new location. You can transfer utilities to the same provider if you are moving within the city. However, you should research and save all related companies’ contact numbers for different cities and states. Also, don’t forget to change your address ahead of time for your credit card statements, bills, shipment, and more. 

Start packing like a pro

After sorting everything, now it’s time to pack up and give your house a deep clean. However, before packing, don’t forget to take pictures of rooms so you can determine how to set up the space. You can also take photos of essential appliances to remember how you set them. Start by packing fragile items first and labeling them carefully. Wrap things like glass items, decorations, art, and dishes in bubble wrap and place them in smaller boxes rather than big ones. Pack all valuable items like wall art and vases weeks before the final day. Organize cords with a twist-tie and place them with its corresponding electronic device. Also, make a separate bag of daily necessities that you can carry, label your boxes on the sides, follow the inventory system, and clean out the refrigerator towards the end. 

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A moving checklist can consist of items anywhere from 10 to 100. However, what’s important is that it covers all the crucial agendas which will ultimately help you achieve a smooth transition. So, ensure your inventory, to-do list, and moving binder game is strong with proper research and follow-up. Remember to save a digital copy of important info related to the move, keep extra packing supplies, double-check packing inventory, contact the movers, and look forward to your new start. 

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