Everything You Should Know Before Painting Your Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen creates moisture, which causes walls to become full of grease and smoke. This makes stripping and picking the right paint a more complex task than you might think. Below we look at everything you should know before painting your kitchen.

Getting Professional Help

If you have never painted a room before, the kitchen is probably not the best place to start. It can be more complicated than most rooms as it contains inbuilt cabinets and fixtures that need to be worked around. For those who are new to painting, this is more difficult than it looks as it requires a steady hand and a lot of time. 

If you want a professional finish, consider hiring a painting contractor such as Croxall Painting. They are a residential painting contractor that pride themselves on creating a home you can be proud of and will work towards making your dream kitchen a reality on the budget that you have. If you are unsure or unskilled, it is best to leave painting a kitchen to the professionals. 

Prepping Kitchen Walls

To get a smooth finish on a kitchen wall, there is a lot of prepping to do. Unless you are moving into a new home and are painting on drywall, you must follow these steps to get your wall ready for a revamp: 

  1. Check the kitchen for mold. Painting over mold will not fix the problem and will cause further issues down the line. You can get mold killer made specifically for walls or get a professional in if the mold is bad.
  2. Dust the whole kitchen, including any areas that will not be painted. The last thing you want is dust and cobwebs getting stuck to wet paint.
  3. Your walls get covered in all sorts when you cook, so they need to be thoroughly washed before painting. Walls can be cleaned with dish detergent and water. For greasy areas, use a strong cleaning solution. Finish with warm water to remove residue, then leave them to completely dry before painting.
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Finding The Right Paint

The type of paint you use will depend on what area of the kitchen you are painting. Find a paint that is designed for use in a high moisture environment. Even with an extractor fan, moisture can quickly build up on your walls and the wrong choice of paint could leave cracks after just a few months. For a high-quality paint job, you need anti-damp or anti-mold paint. 

Choosing Paint Colors

Once you have everything else in place, it is time for the fun part: choosing a color palette! The color of your kitchen walls can make a real difference to the room, so you need to find a shade that works with the rest of your home and the atmosphere you are going for. 

For a modern and minimalistic approach, white is a good look. You can always add a splash of black across the cabinets to make them stand out. For a cozy kitchen, choose a neutral palette with beige or pastel tones. 

Painting your kitchen walls is not an easy task, especially if you have units to paint around. Prep the walls, find the right paint, and choose your color scheme. Consider hiring help if you need it. 

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