How To Save On Resin Supplies

Resin art is an amazing medium artists like you can use to unleash their creativity and craft great works of art. This is possible thanks to the resin’s clarity, depth, and luminosity. When working with resin, the possibilities are endless as you can add color pigments, resin casting, and the like to help you bring your artistic vision to life. 

Art experts agree that to achieve great art outcomes, you need to use high-quality art resin. Failure to use high-quality resin will result in a lackluster output. Additionally, low-quality resin supplies won’t include an ultraviolet (UV) filter, meaning your pieces will turn yellow over time, especially under sustained exposure to sunlight. 

With resin being used on all materials such as wood, plastic, canvas, and metal, getting a high-quality resin option will ensure that your results are secured and protected—the first step to getting high-quality products and to buy resin supplies at and other similar sites.

Unfortunately, high-quality resin supplies can be costly to purchase. Additionally, resin supplies need extra care to avoid having their quality compromised. Thus, in order for you to save on resin supplies, you’ll need to ensure that you properly store and handle the supplies you have stocked. 

Luckily, discussed below are ways to save on resin supplies and produce quality results. Carry on reading to learn more. 

  • Avoid Storing Mixed Resin

Depending on the project you’re working on, keep in mind that mixed resin can’t be stored for long. 

For mixed resin to work, it needs to be in fluid form. Mixed resin that’s stored for too long is susceptible to hardening, meaning it’s no longer usable. Always remember that once your resin is mixed, you’ll have to use it immediately in your art project or you end up losing it because of hardening.

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Additionally, stored mixed resin will have bubbles in them which make them a non-ideal medium for art. Using this type of mixed resin, you won’t be able to end up with great results. You’ll have to start over using new supplies and new supplies don’t come at a cheap price. 

  • Be Mindful Of The Purchase Date Of Your Resin Supplies

The purchase date on resin supplies is important to avoid forgetting and wasting the supplies you’ve got on hand. It’s because time has an effect on the material’s properties And with the shelf life of resin being a year and other types even shorter, it’s important to ensure that you use it promptly. 

To save on resin supplies, just get the right amount that you can easily use in six months or less. Remember that expired resin supplies will cure with a yellow tint which might be terrible for projects that need clarity. 

  • For Stability, Store Resin Supplies In Their Original Containers

Resin supplies must remain stable enough to avoid hardening and becoming waste. In most cases, resin manufacturers store them in containers compatible with their chemical properties. 

As a result, once you buy your supplies, consider using them straight from the containers they come from. This way, you’ll be able to avoid cross-contamination every time you complete a resin project. 

  • Keep Resin In A Dark Place

Clear resin is the most desirable resin. In order for it to remain clear, you need to limit the resin’s exposure to sunlight. It’s because the sun’s rays contain UV rays capable of initiating a process that causes irreversible damage to its coating. Once the process is initiated, the main damage includes the loss of gloss, yellow discoloration, and chalking for colored resin. To not waste your resin, keep it in a dark place. 

  • Store Resin In Stable Temperatures
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For resins to cure effectively, temperature plays an important factor. The right temperature has to be room temperature or ideally in the range of 75° to 85° Fahrenheit for your resin-based projects to come out great. 

If your resin is too cold, it won’t harden properly every time you pour it, making it hard to use. Your supplies will also lack a crystal-clear appearance. Cold temperatures induce microbubbles, making them thick and hard to spread. As a result, storing your resin away from cold temperatures will help you save on resin supplies. 

Even though resin works well in warm temperatures, you should also avoid storing it in an area that’s too hot and humid. This is because the heat fastens the curing process causing the resin to thicken prematurely. 

By maintaining your temperature properly, you’ll be able to save on resin supplies as you won’t have to change any ruined batch of resin.

Bottom Line

Resin art is an expensive hobby that might cost you more if you have to keep replacing your resin supplies every time you mess up. Thus, to save on resin supplies, you might need to ensure that you store your supplies effectively. Additionally, keep in mind the tips discussed above. 

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