Great Design Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen with Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Designing a cooking space is as fun and easy as ABC if you opt for cabinetries with the best design and color features. Black shaker kitchen cabinets should be your number one option if you plan to give your kitchen that dream outlook you’ve been yearning for. 

In this article, you will find out why black-toned shaker-style drawers are the best for a dream kitchen design. Read on to learn how you can use them to create the kitchen outlook of your dreams. 

Black Shaker Cabinetries Explained

Shaker cabinetries are popularly known for their uniquely designed overlay symmetrical doors. Generally, they feature flat-recessed center panels, minimal decorative details, and beautifully coated interiors. These cabinetries have been a highlight of many homes from the 1700s, thanks to their amazing features. 

While they come in a range of color shades, black shaker cabinets are the most common in both classic and modern homes. Below are some of the reasons why many homeowners prefer the black shade for shaker cabinets. 

  • Black is Bold and Elegant

The color black will never go out of style when it comes to interior decoration, thanks to its unparalleled boldness and simplicity. With the dark shade of black on a specific spot in the kitchen area, you can easily make every beautification feature in the scullery stand out just by pairing colors, particularly brighter colors.

Black is not only bold but also looks elegant and stately. It is a shade that is not just simple but sophisticated as well. Whether you prefer a traditional, rustic, or contemporary kitchen, the color black can create the outlook you want if you incorporate it into your cooking space.

  • The Functionality of Color Black
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Black cabinets are disputably the most popular globally due to their functionality. They are not only easy to take care of in terms of general cleaning but also the best in hiding dirt due to their dark shade. Moreover, black is somehow neutral, which means that it can let you mix colors and different materials for your dream kitchen outlook. 

If you go for black shaker kitchen cabinets for example, you can incorporate white on the walls, ceiling, cabinetry fixtures, or backsplashes as well as install shiny metallic or wooden implements depending on the kitchen interior design option of your choice.  

  • Black is Versatile

While the color black is widely adored for its functionality, it is its versatility that makes it an attraction in interior design. With black, you have multiple choices to choose from in terms of color shades; from ebony, ink, charcoal, and leather, to raven and jet blacks.

Depending on your preferred kitchen outlook, you will have plenty of shades to pick from if you incorporate the color black. 

How to Boost the Interior of Kitchen with Black Shaker Cabinets

Now that you know the reasons why shaker cabinets with black shade are common in both traditional and modern homes, you need to learn how you can take advantage of them to achieve your dream kitchen outlook. 

Apply the tips below to improve the outlook of your cooking space with black shaker kitchen cabinets

Mix Colors

With black cabinets, the interior of your kitchen can appear darker even in the presence of natural or artificial light if you don’t incorporate lighter colors. Considering the intensity of the color black, you need to pair it with brighter shades like white for its boldness to come out. 

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There are uncountable ways of mixing black with other colors, especially white. With black shaker cabinets, you can apply white on the walls, ceiling, or floors, for your dream kitchen design. Depending on your preferred cookhouse interior design, you can also pair black with wooden or shiny metallic implements like stainless steel or gold kitchenware or furniture. 

The takeaway is that the beauty of black shaker kitchen cabinets can only come out if you incorporate other colors in your cooking space. This can explain why mixing colors, is a must when it comes to designing a kitchen interior with black cabinetry. 

Give the Cabinetry a Face-Lift

Do you know that you can improve the look of your kitchen’s interior simply by giving the cabinets a face-lift, especially if they happen to be old? You can do this by replacing broken or faulty fixtures, repainting the cabinetry, or installing on them various decorative elements. 

For any trendy modern kitchen outlook, you can install shiny glass doors to replace the wooden doors if your cabinetry is the old-school type. Refurbishing kitchen cabinetries is one sure way of enhancing their beauty and durability. 

You must consider the following when planning to give cabinets a face-lift. 

  • The state of the cabinetry

The state of your cabinetry can tell you whether you need to make a new purchase or simply do a makeover. If your black shaker cabinets are not too old or worn out, then be sure that a small refurbishment exercise can help restore their beautiful looks to enhance the outlook of your kitchen’s interior.

  • The cost of refurbishment
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You need to determine the exact amount of cash you will need to refurbish your drawers unless you want to be stuck in the middle of your project with no cash to repaint or replace broken fixtures. 

  • Your preferred kitchen design

Besides the state of the cabinetry and the cost of refurbishment, you need to know your preferred kitchen design before launching a renovation exercise. Knowing your preferred design will help you determine which parts to replace or the ornamental details to incorporate. 

Install Artificial Lights

Dark-toned drawers can make an interior space look dark and dingy in the absence of sufficient natural or artificial lighting. Therefore, if your cooking space is dominated by black shaker kitchen cabinets, installation of artificial lights like pendant lighting is more than necessary in terms of making the interior less dark and dingy but more lively and attractive.  

Final Thoughts

Black shaker kitchen cabinets have been a popular preference for homeowners since the 1700s when the very first shaker drawers came out. It is their beauty, simplicity and functionality that make them perfect for all types of kitchens. Follow us for more tips on how to design a dream kitchen.

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