How to Make a Cheap Kids Playroom That Their Friends Will Envy

If you do a simple search on Pinterest for kid’s playrooms, you’ll see numerous pictures of designer spaces that are bursting with color. They are also always meticulously organized, with every toy having a specific resting place.

This begs the question of how do you design a kid’s playroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? Moreover, how do you do so on a budget while ensuring enthusiastic use by your child and their friends? We are here to help with these questions and offer some simple hints and tips to get you going.

Choose Your Space

Where you designate a playroom will depend upon the layout of your house. However, we recommend that you consider the supervision requirements of your children. For example, if they are of an age where you need to watch them as they play, it might be better to be closer to where you prepare meals or work from home.

In addition, a playroom will give you better peace of mind if the door can be shut, or the room can be separate from the rest of your house. This way, if you are too tired to tidy up, it’s a relief to know that you can simply shut the door. If you have a basement, this is generally the best space for a playroom, since toys migrate downstairs much easier than upstairs.

Divide and Conquer

Creating separate spaces for different activities makes it much more straightforward to conquer the chaos. It also means that as your child ages, you can update each area separately. We recommend that your first purchase an assortment of medium-sized, brightly colored plastic tote buckets on wheels. This way, children can move them around on their own, but they aren’t so big that toys will be lost in them. You can then work on developing different stations. Popular options include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Homeschooling or learning
  • A library
  • Dress-up
  • A kid’s kitchen
  • A Lego or building blocks station
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Once it is all categorized by activity, you’ll find that children naturally play more and learn to clean up when everything is more orderly.

Where to Splurge

A child’s playroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be still valuable. Nevertheless, small splurges in a few areas can be worthwhile, especially if they age with your child. To save money, check out Salvation Army donation centers where you can pick up bargains on kids’ dress-up clothing, children’s furniture, and a plush rug.

Painting is almost always worth the expense. We recommend using washable paint in a neutral color and then having the furniture and accessories be the pops of color. You can then tackle projects like chalkboards and aisles by upcycling second hand items.

It is essential to remember that your precocious two-year-old won’t be a toddler forever. The toys and activities that they are obsessed with today will become a fading memory before too long. However, a well-planned playroom will keep your children entertained and your sanity intact for many years to come.

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