5 Easy DIY Home Security Projects

DIY projects can take on many forms, from decorating your living room to building a treehouse for the kids. It’s satisfying looking at the finished project knowing that you did it yourself. A good way to put your DIY skills to the test is to improve your home security system.

Home security can be improved with a few simple DIY projects. It’s important to take time to consider your home security, as burglary is one of the most common crimes in the UK. To improve the safety of your home and protect the things you love we’ve collected 5 easy DIY projects you can complete.

1. Make Your Home Noisy

Burglars want to be hidden and discreet when they’re targeting a home. So make yours a noisy place to walk around. Install a burglar alarm that will alert you if someone has broken into your property. Also, create a noisy driveway and path, by laying down gravel. Gravel makes a lot of noise when you walk across it, and therefore burglars tend to avoid houses with gravel driveways.

2. Light Up Your Outdoors

Grab your toolbox and install light outside your home. Ideally, use motion-activated lighting that will turn on when someone is walking close to your property. A great DIY project is to install attractive garden lights in your backyard, as burglars lurk in dark corners. This will also make your garden look attractive.

3. Get Gardening

A fun DIY project is to plant thorny bushes around your property, such as holly. This will remove hiding spots for burglars. Trim overgrown shrubbery so that burglars can’t conceal themselves. Look up some bush pruning tips and enjoy landscaping your garden whilst improving your home security. Remember to think like a burglar!

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4. Fix Your Locks

Check the locks around your house, especially your windows. Many people neglect to lock their windows, particularly the second-floor ones, so fix or replace broken locks around your home. You can also attach window sensors that will alert you if someone tries to break into your house. A tip is to replace weak locks with strong deadbolts.

5. Put Away Your Tools

If you love your DIY you’ll likely have a lot of tools, like ladders. These tools can be helpful to a burglar who’s trying to break into your property. So be tidy by putting your tools away after use. If you keep your tools in a shed or garage remember to securely lock the door.

Feel Safe…

It only takes a few quick projects to get you and your family feeling safer at home. Home security doesn’t have to be expensive systems, and it’s satisfying taking on projects to do yourself. So, grab your toolbox and start examining your property. They’ll likely be lots of weak locks, dark corners, and unkempt bushes that need attending to. Remember to keep on top of your home security and regularly check that everything in your home is safe.

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