Choosing Parquet Wood Flooring – Price and Quality Wise

Whenever we decide to invest in a new home, the first thing we do is that we take a first look around the place. The second thing that goes to our mind is the flooring of the apartment. This is a very crucial part of the complex since changing the floor is easier to be done before moving in or at the time of construction.

After moving in, changing the flooring turns out to be quite expensive since a lot of other landscaping jobs arise as a consequence of the previous floor being ripped out. There are a wide variety of options to choose from:

  1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles
  2. Hardwood or Bamboo
  3. Laminated Flooring
  4. Carpet Floor
  5. Linoleum and Vinyl Floors

Out of all these the most commonly used is known as hardwood. Out of the options in hardwood, the choice shouldn’t rest simply on the preference of color. There are many other characteristics that are needed to be kept in mind while finalizing the flooring of your dream house.

1. Choose between Engineered or Solid flooring

Choose between Engineered or Solid flooring
Originally, hardwood flooring was used in the form of broad planks of timber. Even today, we have the option to go with that. However, several companies offer engineered flooring- wood planks with the thin top layer consisting of hardwood that is then attached to the subsequent layers. This is to design it in such a manner that the floor doesn’t shift because of contraction and expansion cycles.

Engineered flooring has been known to have many benefits that could make them the best option of floor for your home. Not only is it resistant to different types of temperatures and environments, but it also comes in many styles and colors so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that fits in with your home’s interior. Companies similar to One Stop Wood Flooring may be the perfect place to start looking for some inspiration on designs if you have come to the decision that you prefer engineered flooring to solid flooring. There are plenty of other things that you need to take into consideration before having your new flooring fitted.

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2. Decide amongst Site finish or Pre-finished product

Decide amongst Site finish
Hardwood need not be polished before installation. It can be bought with a raw face to be finished with the help of a professional with the stain and topmost coating applied to it already. The perk of using wood that is prefinished is that you can be sure about the product being used in your flooring. Prefinished flooring is easier to install as it can be done without the application of a sealant or color.

3.Select the type of finish to be used

Select the type of finish to be used
There is a gamut of finishing products today. The finish ranges from site finish polyurethanes to penetrating oil and organic hybrids. Oil works by penetrating the wood to give a soft and matte kind of texture to the flooring. But is less resistant to stains and damage as compared to polyurethanes. For this reason, it’s probably best to go for a polyurethane. You can see water-based polyurethanes by following that link. Looking at reviews is important as it will leave you with a higher quality floor.

4.Browse through the available wood types that are compatible

 Browse through the available wood types that are compatible
In a large part of North America and Canada, oak is the durable stain resistant flooring due to its attractive natural grain and easy availability. Walnut is another good choice as it gives a deep color to the flooring, making it an ideal in a scenario in which a dark finish is needed.

The right hardwood flooring will give a royal look to your home along with ensuring that the look of the space stays the same for years on end. So, if you are looking for one, you can check out the best hardwood flooring options at for the best prices. It is not easy being the envy of the neighborhood where everyone who visits your place is mystified by the overall effect created with the right hardwood floor.

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