Top 5 J. Perfumes for Ladies in 2019


Junaid Jamshed is one of the first Pakistani fashion houses to start a line of scents to wear with a brand under the name ‘J.’. Comprising of a range of variety for women and men with enough options for everyone to be able to find something they like including body sprays, attar and perfumes.

A range of many tones for women

Covering a wide array of smells separated by their characteristics from floral ones for summer to aromatic slightly herbal scents for general wear. Some J. perfumes are woody and rustic while others are musky if your nose appreciates things not too sweet-smelling. Mixed in with some of the spicy notes if you like a hint of tingle in your daily scent.

With complex tones mixed together from flowers, fruits, herbs, resins and roots to give you a sensory experience to carry with you. Falling in multiple categories at times and changing a little from when you initially sprayed it till it has mixed in with your pheromones as the day progresses.

The top 5

Treasure – A floral scent with a musky hint. Designed to highlight the blooming of passion, a perfume for the modern woman. Treasure is a mix of exquisite notes to create a unique experience for the wearer and people around. A chic yet modest perfume, signifying the same with its stylish sleek black bottle that has diamantes on the bottle-top. An alluring scent to charm one into having a closer sense of feminine beauty. Treasure was launched in 2015. The top notes are lily-of-the-valley and rose; middle note is rose petals; base note is white musk. You can check j.perfumes collections and prices from shopsy now.

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Azbah – Azbah by Junaid Jamshed is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women. Launched in 2013. The top notes include citruses and fruity notes; middle notes are made of floral notes, honey, lotus and lily; base notes are a mix of woody notes and vanilla. Making a complex, sophisticated interpretation of a fresh & powerful perfume. Representing the fresh feminine with aquatic notes, delivering a breezy feel from the beach.

Bloom – A beautifully concocted perfume, with a strong element of peony at the centre. Mixed with Sicilian mandarin and rose essence, layered onto a base of white musk. Hints of peach and apricot zest to accentuate the overall freshness. The bottle has a floral print on it, lending to a sense of freshness left trailing from the pink juice that makes the perfume. Floral notes through and through, really layering over many times to help with unfolding the scent and its name, Bloom.

Amber Light – Launched in 2015, Amber Light by Junaid Jamshed is a fruity floral scent, it features apple, black currant and blood orange. The balance of these fruits is captivating and vibrant, ideal for a vivacious persona. The fragrance is great for a slightly younger demographic.

J. Pour Femme – A reflection of the charismatic woman, with its soft and slender line form the bottle too is befitting. Reliant on its own foundation as is the strength it accentuates in a woman by its amalgam of notes. With a fresh aroma of lemon, green apple, bergamot and patchouli over the top end. A mix of rose, styrax, musk and sandalwood at the base and a wholesome middle flourished by lilac, ylang-ylang, black currant, peach and amber. A great pick for summer individuality or to be used among the scents for a sunny day.

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The perfume section at J. is full of more variety, these are just some of the picks that have been prefered by the market over time. There are still a lot more to choose from if one is looking for notes they specifically prefer or that suit their skin. For better application, J. recommend applying them at the pulse points such as the wrists, behind the ears and on the neck for a longer-lasting effect.

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