DIY Packaging Tips for Online Sellers: Make the All-Important First Impression

To an online retailer, the importance of quality packaging is immense, as it pretty much determines if they are going to get a return customer from that sale or not. Not to mention, it impacts the potential for word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews as well. Therefore, we will now discuss a few effective ways to package your own products in the best way possible to ensure quality, safety, and a good first impression, even before the customer actually opens it.

Don’t Forget the Basics: Security

The reason why people use packaging in the first place is that they want to protect the product inside. Therefore, the safety and security of the product should be your first concern. Packaging Lab explains why this is the exact reason that flexible packaging makes a lot more sense for food, pet food, cooking ingredients, pantry items, sports equipment, clothing, fashion accessories, etc.

On the other hand, you will require tough, durable and hard packaging for delicate products like electronics and crockery. The main idea is to prioritize the safety of your product while choosing a packaging material, above all else.

Financial Viability: How Much Should You Spend On the Packaging?

As we are talking about DIY packaging here, you do have the major advantage of saving money on labor costs. Therefore, as long as you are packaging your own products, you do have a bit of leeway to make it extra special and give it a handmade feel, which is always appreciated when done well.

As your online business grows bigger, that may no longer be an option, unfortunately, so you will have to consider how proportionate the cost of packaging is, in relation to the product you are shipping.

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Matching Themes: Customize Your Packaging to Suit the Theme of Your Brand/Product

Most of us appreciate well-packed items and we do love pleasant surprises as well, so feel free to customize your product’s packaging to set it apart from the rest of the competition. However, there should be a clear connection between the kind of packaging you choose and the product/brand message.

For example, putting jewelry in a handmade wooden box with beautiful, glittery design, is a great idea, but you can further set it apart it by integrating some aspects of the particular jewelry inside it.

Patterns vs. Boredom: Make It Interesting

Patterns have been used in wrapping for ages because of one simple reason; plain old protective packaging is boring! The mundaneness of flexible or rigid packaging can be alleviated without spending a lot of time on the customization; choosing to go with established and well-loved patterns, you are affordably making your packages look a lot less boring to your customers.

Accessibility: People Hate Hard-to-Open Packages

Finally, we have accessibility to consider. There is a significant connection between how easy and convenient it is to open a package and customer experience. Pack your products in such a way that customers can open them without having to damage the packaging in the process.

In truth, the more creative you are, the better your package will look, but these simple points will help you keep in mind that unlike other DIY projects, packaging is all about the customer and what kind of an impression/experience they have with it.

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