Ways to Get More Work Done at Home

While you might think getting more done around the house is impossible, making a few simple changes to your day can increase your productivity. Whether you have a home office or you’re simply looking for ways to get more done around the house, you can implement these easy steps to have a more productive day.

Create a Morning Routine

The way you start your morning can impact the rest of your day. As a result, it helps to get your entire family on a morning routine. One important part of that routine should include making sure everyone eats a real and healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast improves your memory, gives you energy, and helps you concentrate. Sitting down to eat breakfast as a family also gives you a chance to plan your day and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Once you’re done with breakfast, it’s time to get your day started. However, sometimes you might not know where to start because you feel like you have so much you need to accomplish. When you’re looking to increase your productivity, make a list of everything you want to get done, and then prioritize based on importance. After you’ve completed this list, tackle the most important items first. Once you have those done, you’ll be able to fill in your day with the other tasks that aren’t as important.

Focus on One Task at a Time

When you get ready to tackle the tasks on your list, be sure to focus on only one item at a time. While you might think taking on two or more tasks at a time will make you more productive and help you finish them faster, research shows the opposite. A study done at the University of Michigan demonstrated that multitasking actually decreases productivity because of the time wasted trying to switch the brain from thinking about one task to another.

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Monitor Your Air Quality

Although you might not give it much thought, your home’s air quality can also play a big role in your productivity. Poor indoor air quality can lead to eye, ear, nose, and throat irritation, which can lead to more time spent at the doctor’s office or taking care of sick kids.

Additionally, poor indoor air quality can impact how well you sleep, which also decreases productivity. When you take steps to improve your indoor air quality, you can also improve your productivity.

Take Breaks

While it seems counterproductive, taking small breaks throughout the day can increase your concentration and productivity. One method you can try is the Pomodoro Technique, which requires you to work on a task for 25 minutes, take a short break, and start working again for another 25 minutes. After four sessions, take a slightly longer break to give your mind a chance to recharge.

It’s not impossible to get more work done at home. If you’re working from home and looking to get more accomplished, these steps can help you increase your concentration and productivity.

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