Leading Industry in Circuit Board Manufacturers

Rayming technology which is one of the worldwide leading PCB manufacturers and assembly company which was established in 2005 and we are very specialized in providing worldwide companies in all different sizes with very high-quality PCB fabrication assembly and component sourcing materials and services over 10 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry world. Many people use PCBs when testing their electrical designs which they may have drawn up with software similar to what can be found at Upverter.com.

We are very happy to say that only because of our genuine commitments we have multiple outstanding customer services which is combined with unparalleled technical support of our team and this has made Rayming technology the PCB manufacturing assembly service provider as the topmost leading company today. We do all types of services in a perfect manner since we are experts in all the electronic components and all the customers are also satisfied with our service. As there are so many electrical components out there, the idea of using something like a datasheet finder may make it easier for anyone looking for specific devices.

Rayming industry is one of the leading ones in circuit board manufacturing and the technology used is a very professional hi-tech PCB manufacturer. Ray PCB industry is much specialized in double-sided and also in multilayer printed circuit boards. Now we had introduced recently with some products such as Rogers PCB, high-frequency circuit boards, Teflon PCB, aluminum boards and HDI boards.

Rayming PCB industry which highly welcomes more complex designs in order to complete the challenging process, we completely satisfy the customer needs and our products which are widely used in computers, power supplies, industrial instruments, communications, optoelectronics, and many other consumer electronics. We are more familiar in all electronic equipment and also here we do PCB manufacturing and PCB services.

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PCB prototype

In Rayming PCB perfect testing is done for PCB boards, initially, we started our entry-level with 500 boards and we have successfully completed with very brilliant engineers in a few days and we are happy to say that we have the capability to do all the extensive prototype PCB fabrication and we are very confident that we will do all the simple and complex PCB prototypes.

Customer support

Rayming PCB is completely with customer services we work for 24/7 and we are more specialized in quick turn PCB services within industries since if any services are contacted will complete with the time around as fast as possible within 24 hours, fast prototyping is done with full customer satisfaction and also we deliver the circuit boards with high quality printed circuit board design on time with very competitive price.

Rayming technology

Rayming technology is one of the familiar one in China which has emerged with well-known printed circuit board manufacturers. Rayming PCB is a well-known one for economical and one-stop PCB assembly services. PCB assembly fabrication and sourcing of components are completely done with the state of art facility and also here modern technology is used to design a perfect PCB boards.

PCB boards manufacturing facility which are ISO certified and we have well developed PCB manufacturing facility with the very dedicated team members in order to meet the demands of electronic PCB assembly services.

For each and every order where the customer contacts our industry for designing, we have experience of engineers that is the PCB assembly experts they provide a proper design for manufacturing and also testing consulting services are done during the pre production stages, in order to produce the PCB boards with high quality production the steps are correctly performed by the PCB engineers.

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In order to save the customers valuable money we completely check all the specifications before entering the bill we ensure all the problems which are associated in the pre production stage of PCB and if there is any problem found we completely resolve it and submit to the customers on time. After customers receiving our products if they feel any difficulty or any damage occurs immediately taken submit the product they can get the return money or else we will design as per customer needs as soon as possible.

Or if they found any doubts it will be clarified at any time immediate answers will be given from our service side to the customers. Rayming industry is one of the best PCB board designing manufacturers which is located in China where all electronic components are there with competitive prices and design of board manufacturing is also excellent.

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