Cowhide Rug Guide: Things You Need To Know

When you’re keen on buying a cowhide rug, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the real deal.

It makes a great statement in any room, on the floor or hung on the wall. There are lots of fabulous colors and patterns to choose from, but beauty shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. There are a few other things to look into to make the best purchase for you and the space you’ll be using it in, be it a house or office.

How cowhide rugs are made

Cows are farmed for meat and dairy products, and the skin is a natural by-product that is recycled into rugs and other items. This means the cow was not solely being used for the purpose of leather. Basically, hides go through a tanning process, but before that, they may be soaked in water to keep them soft during the tanning process. It is also submerged into a solution to protect it from molt and rids it of any bacteria that might be lingering.

What is the tanning process?

Once a cowhide is taken from the animal it is imperative that the skin is prepared thoroughly and tanned to preserve and fix the hairs on the cowhide by a reputable tanning process. The hair is kept on the hide so that it will stay soft and be at less risk for odor and molting. At the end of the process, the cowhide is dried out naturally. Once the cowhide is tanned, it can be treated in a variety of ways. The fur can be dyed, a pattern can be lasered onto it and it can be printed. Different methods can also be combined.

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When it’s time to buy yours, you want to know certain things about the cowhide. Since not every cow is the same, neither is every cowhide.

What is the origin of the hide?

Some of the best cow hides come from Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina. What often makes them superior is their tanning process. Though these countries might have some of the best hides, they are definitely not the only choices. According to this cowhide rug buyers guide, you can be given a more complete idea of what kinds are available and where to purchase your choices from. You can find real or faux leather, tricolors, black and white, brown, a mix of colors, different sizes and weights; all these are different factors to look into before buying.

The cost

Generally, the cost is directly related to the quality; the higher the quality, the higher the cost. A good quality one shouldn’t have any holes, marks or cuts in it, as some lower quality ones do.

The coat

Run your hands through the coat. It should be shiny and glossy, with a soft touch to it. It’s normal that hides might have little repair done on them, but that repair should never show from the top of the hide.

The shape

Look for one that has a nice, even shape cut around all its edges. One problem that can arise is curling at the edges. If you notice this, it could mean there was not enough moisture and oil applied to the hide during tanning. Look for a hide that lies really flat, and is soft and floppy.

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The comeback

Hides have been around since the dawn of time and considered classic. Some people have always enjoyed them in their homes and interior decorators are enjoying its comeback. When you stick to the tips given to you here, you should be able to buy one that suits your fancy, suits your space, and add a unique touch to any room that other types of rugs can’t do.

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