Ten Critical Elements Of Every Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Remodelling a bathroom is likely something you have dreamed about for a while, so you will be very excited to make your dream happen finally. It is essential not to let your excitement cause you to make decisions too quickly. You first need to list all the essential elements and then combine them like a work of art. Here is what your bathroom remodel checklist should include.

  • Budget: Keeping an eye on your budget will help you to balance your project. Once you know how much you must spend, you can allocate funds to all aspects of the project so nothing is overlooked.

Style Cues & Theme: A magnificent bathroom will work as a singular expression of style. To achieve this, you need to know the style, colour theme, and design cues to tie it all together. Design experts, like those found at Esher bath showroom, can help you make the right choices. A quick search on Google should help you locate a showroom near you, especially when you’re living outside England.

  • Floor: Elegance in a bathroom starts with the flooring. Bathrooms are such small spaces that there is usually room in the budget to purchase a premium product. Consider the feel of the material on your bare, wet feet – you should aim to evoke the sense of a luxury spa.
  • Vanity & Countertops: Your higher surfaces will need to complement the flooring. Once again, small spaces cost less to decorate. Don’t be shy. You will also need to consider the sink. Do you want one or two? Raised or inset? What about the fixtures? These are your first significant style cues.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors add space and elegance. It is hard to go wrong when adding extra mirrors or mirrored surfaces.
  • Shower Type: The shower is the power feature in the bathroom. Get the shower right, and the room is nearly complete. Stone walls and floor-to-ceiling glass is a nice look; remember the rain head and a pleasant built-in bench to help you reach your toes. You can head over to the bathroom showrooms Weybridge has if you live nearby to see fine examples of showers.
  • Toilet: You could consider a tank in the wall model that will give you more space, and the look is modern. But make sure it belongs with your other choices.
  • Lighting: So much can be accomplished with lighting, and it is one area that is often overlooked. It would help if you researched light design and discover what is being done with programmable LEDs.
  • Cabinetry: In a bathroom, cabinetry is lovely to have, but usually best if it is hidden or camouflaged. Be clever with secret panels and latches.
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Sound System: If your bathroom includes a tub, it would be wonderful to have a sound system built in. A hidden Bluetooth system for those long soaks will help to make the world disappear for a while.

The kitchen might be the room in the house that is judged the most critically, but the bathroom is where you want to invest in quality materials. It is the place where you pamper yourself and shrug off worldly pressure. Here you want to be royal and privileged, if even for a short respite. Make your bathroom into your personal reward.

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