The Most Spectacular Garage Doors In 2019

Christmas is almost around the corner. With the festivities of the near approaching Thanksgiving and New Year, we thought of introducing some remarkable garage door revamp inspirations.

This blog will not only reflect on the top trending garage door designs. But it will also help you choose the most spectacular garage doors in terms of efficiency and performance.

When selecting a garage door for your home, you need to make sure that it is not just amazing in style but also highly energy efficient. You can also opt for garage doors that utilize an automation system and are powered by a bot. Imagine walking down your frosty driveway and opening up your door with a finger tap or a voice command! Sounds exciting, right?

Thinks To Consider Before Buying

It may seem a bit weird to spend a lot of money on your garage door. But a good investment goes a long way. You need a high-quality garage door that does not prove to be a hassle for day-to-day use.

As a homeowner, you would not want your garage door to get stuck in between. And posing as a huge safety threat for valuable vehicles and precious lives. Also, you should prefer sticking to garage doors that offer higher energy efficiency and consume less power.

You can consider going through the following tips to help obtain a high functioning and power and energy-efficient:

  • Use Polyurethane Insulation Instead Of Polystyrene

Many garage door manufacturers do not emphasize on the R-value of the insulator used in the garage door. The higher the R-value, the more energy efficient your garage door will be. Opt for garage doors that incorporate polyurethane since it has a higher R-value.

  • Invest In A Smart Garage Door Opener
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It is quite possible that you may have a lot on your plate and prefer someone managing some work for you, like opening and closing your garage door for you.

What if in an emergency you leave your garage door open by an inch? It can disturb the room temperature of your garage. The solution to this problem is a smart garage door controller!

With a smart garage door opener, you will not only be able to add up an extra layer of security but also make your garage more energy efficient. Your garage is not just a parking place for your vehicle, it’s your DIY workshop or a home gym.

Just like the other rooms of your house, your garage has a high impact on the temperature of the rest of the house. In winters, you need to protect your valuable space from flurries and harsh windstorms. Even great exposure to sunlight or rain may ruin the interior of your garage.

Smart garage door openers like the Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub offers iOS and Android apps to control your garage door remotely. You can also use Google Assistant to send voice commands for your garage door.

So What’s Out In The Market These Days?

It all depends on your budget, needs, and design preferences to what type o design or style you choose for

We advise our readers to do a bit of research before they go shopping for garage doors. The marketing is flooding with multiple styles, features, and designs to help you choose the garage door that your home deserves!

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You need to invest a bit of thought before finalizing a door since most of the exterior of your house is consumed up by the garage door.

Following are the types of garage doors based on design, functionality, and home needs and preferences:

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors work well with smart garage door openers. The idea behind a sectional garage door is to save up space. They open vertically upwards to fold up and stay in suspension under the ceiling.

These types of garage doors are made to be fitted with all types of garages. They also feature weather-resistant seals on all the four sides of the door. Sectional doors also help provide a contemporary look to your house through the panel design, and aluminum and metallic finishes.

Side Sliding & Sectional Doors

You can also go for a side sliding garage doors that have panels or sections. It can also be customized with fiberglass to add a more modernized touch. These doors are can also be used to allow pedestrians to walk in and walk out of the garage. They also come with PU foam insulator sandwiches to offer energy efficiency.

Roller Garage Doors

The market has some amazing roller garage doors that come equipped with the RollMatic technology to offer smooth and reliable functioning of the roller garage door.

It can be customized into the material of your choice. But it is typically available in high-quality aluminum. The doors add a design aesthetic to the façade of your contemporary house. The system also incorporates a push button and a light that can be controlled with Wi-Fi enabled devices.

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Carriage Style Designs

If you own a house with classic architecture, then you should opt for a carriage styled garage doors. These types of garage doors are stamped steel doors that incorporate the ’plank’ outlook for a barn door.

The carriage styled steel stamped doors have a beadboard pattern with brass hinges and handle to impeccably mimic the days of old. It can instantly lift the look of your entire classically built property.

Ornate Fiberglass & Customized Panels

You can also opt for garage doors that have ornamental glass inserts for a more sophisticated look. Garage doors also come with customized and specialty panels that can help instantly lift the look of your garage door.


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